The free games coming to Nintendo Switch Online in February

As part of the Nintendo (NES) and Super Nintendo (SNES) library expansion project for the Switch, Big N revealed four games that arrive in the Nintendo Switch Online catalog on February 19. Service subscribers will only need to update apps after that date to receive content.

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service that allows console owners to have backups of cloud saves, play online games and access exclusive games, such as Tetris 99 and a catalog of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNES (Super Nintendo ).

Check out the new free Nintendo Switch Online games in February:

The new Super Nintendo games on the Switch

Pop’n TwinBee:

It is the sixth title in the TwinBee series. Launched in 1993, the vertical scrolling shooter can be played by two people in cooperative mode. TwinBee and WinBee set out to normalize Dr. Mardock, a scientist who, after hitting his head, tries to take over the world.

Smash Tennis:

Another tennis game 😴.

Complaints aside, Smash Tennis is a game with three types of play: strong, weak and high. Develop strategies to win Tournament mode or be merciless to opponents in Exhibition mode.

Nintendo games coming to the Switch

Shadow of the Ninja:

In this horizontal scrolling action game, two ninjas, masters of the Iga clan, must infiltrate the fortress of Emperor Garuda to end the dictatorship imposed in the United States.

During the adventure, Lord Hayate and Lady Kaede face several enemies, use stealth tactics and equipment obtained during the mission, while advancing to the main objective, to kill Garuda.

Eliminator Boat Duel:

Eliminator Boat Duel is a speedboat racing game. Winning guarantees money to repair and improve the vehicle with each race. However, the reward is even greater if you manage to sink the opposing launch … Just be careful not to be the anchor.

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