Top 3 Ways to Become Rich in RuneScape 3

This article offers users a list of methods to make money on RuneScape, including a guide that describes each option in depth, as well as prerequisites, projected earnings per hour, and anticipated earnings over the course of a day. This manual is broken down into regular, constant, or somewhat consistent procedures, as well as repeated techniques, all of which may be carried out at any given specified time.

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Use Your Most Profitable Skills


Players have the potential to earn close to 1.5 billion GP if they practice Runecrafting at level 1 all the way up to level mastering at level 120. Using this ability to create combination runes, such as Dust, Mist, Mud, Steam, Lava, and Smoke runes, is the most effective way to make a profit with this talent.

To create these runes, a player’s Runecrafting skill needs to be at a minimum level 6 or above. In order to create combination runes, gamers need to start with preexisting runes that already form part of the combination. For example, players require Water runes and the corresponding Water talisman in order to construct Mist runes. In order to complete the second half of the combo, you will need an equal quantity of pure essence.

In the Grand Exchange, combination runes fetch an immediate price, generating a revenue of at least 8 million gold an hour. On the other hand, it is a talent that involves a lot of clicking and a lot of moving around between rune altars and banks.


It is highly recommended that part of your time be spent perfecting the Hunter collecting talent. Grenwalls and Salamanders may be hunted by players if they have reached a high enough level (both red and black).

Those that are on an empty server and have access to many box traps at the same time may earn a staggering 7 million gold pieces each hour by focusing only on hunting Grenwalls. Those that participate in the Castle Wars activity of hunting red salamanders will make around 3 million gold per hour. Gamers that have magic notepaper may lengthen their stay and their winnings, minimizing the number of times they have to visit the bank.

Players take a greater risk while hunting black salamanders since they can only be located inside the PvP Wilderness zone. Black salamanders only provide 2 million gold in profit, and that’s only if the player survives the encounter without being killed or having their day ruined by another player.


Slayer is, without a doubt, the most lucrative talent in RuneScape 3 in terms of gaining GP. Obviously, everything depends on the objectives that players have been tasked with completing by a Slayer Master as well as the players’ current skill level in fighting. Even at a low level, there is still the potential to earn money by training Slayer. Players may develop all of their fighting talents as well as their Slayer ability with this one skill.

Gamers that are given Adamant Dragons, Lava Strykewyrms, Airut, and Ripper Demons have a very high probability of earning at least 2 Million Dollars an Hour. Since players are required to pay attention to these creatures and utilize their melee skills to stun them, players cannot AFK while engaging in combat with them. The more a player levels up their Slayer skill toward level 120, the more money per hour they may make by doing better assignments; thus, get to slaughtering!

What About Flipping?

To put it simply, Flipping is the greatest way to go if you want to earn a lot of money. While it has the highest potential payoff for those who put in the effort, it is also the least reliable strategy here.

Flipping is the practice of purchasing low-priced tradable things (such as Nature Runes and Magic Logs) with the intention of selling them for a profit. To succeed, you’ll need to learn how to adapt to the game’s dynamic economy and anticipate player preferences.

It will undoubtedly take time to understand when various jewels go higher in value and when to start stocking up, but there is a tremendous lot to win here if you’re able to afford to grow into a full-fledged trader.

Let’s Skin Some Dragons

Dragon Leather of just about any hue has the potential to be highly valuable, but its worth is contingent on the possibility that the economics of the game works in your favor. Dragons that are killed provide Dragon Hides, which may be tanned into leather using either a mobile crafting station or even a tanner that is specifically designed for the purpose.

You may make the process run as quickly as possible by configuring a preset that enables you to tan as many hides as possible at the same time, which will reward you with valuable dragon leather. After that, you may sell them for gold; however, your winnings will vary depending on how you do it.

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