Want to live longer? 10 top health gadgets that promote longevity.

There are always incredible deals to be had. Retailers are forever promoting some online deals with people scrambling to get that huge flat screen television on offer or the latest Bluetooth headphones or even some deal being offered “today only…” on Grande Vegas online casino USA.

However, there is a somewhat smaller but growing group of longevity enthusiasts who are seeking some other types of products. If you have friends or family who are health enthusiasts and want to excite them with some longevity products the below items will help them and encourage them into thinking that perhaps they can live forever!

Hapbee brainwave technology

The Hapbee Brainwave Technology is an exciting piece of brainwave technology which is really quite simple but an incredibly effective gadget. You can transport and wear the Hapbee Brainwave Technology which makes it very versatile. It is a simple headband that pairs up to the wearer’s phone and enables low energy magnetic fields to be employed. These low energy magnetic fields stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain which causes happy feelings and also promotes better sleep quality.

Poor sleep is known to be one of the miseries that often accompanies aging and can play a significant role in many health problems, such as a weakened immunity and even raising your risk for diabetes. It’s a no brainer, the Hapbee headband is something to be invested in right away!

Chilipad sleep system

Scientific research has shown us that we sleep better when our bodies are cooler. The Chilipad sleep system is a great way to achieve that. It is even possible to adjust the thermostat of the Chilipad with the temperature controlling remote provided, so leaving your bed is not even necessary. Chilipad is helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia and can help in restoring normal and more healthy sleep quality. Sleep becomes more inconsistent as we age and this can have consequences for the body, often leading to many health issues. Using the Chilipad you can avoid these. You will get back into a healthy and good long-lasting sleep pattern which will ultimately enhance your enjoyment of life.

The Wobble Chair

A chiropractor’s office is where you might see a Wobble Chair. A Wobble Chair is used to enhance movement to a sedentary lifestyle. Regular use of the Wobble Chair, even for ten minutes daily can reduce lower back pain and has the ability to enhance the central nervous system communication working throughout the spine.

When using the Wobble Chair there are a number of different exercises that can be performed which can improve balance. As a person ages, walking sometimes becomes difficult and, therefore, improving nervous system communication can help to prevent this and of course this will improve a person’s quality of life.


Somavedic device uses technology to mitigate EMF radiation. This gadget has the ability to provide protection and reduces the effects of “EMF radiation, geopathic stress, uncrystalled water and oxidative stress or free radicals.” Using this device can help to reduce headaches, may relieve inflammation and restore circadian rhythms. Using Somavedic has the ability to protect you from harmful effects from EMF radiation which is something many of us are exposed to in modern day living.

Blublox Glasses

There has been a dramatic increase in online education in general and on working online altogether. Blubox Glasses are fast becoming a necessary accessory. More and more we are working online, education is online and Blubox Glasses are just what is needed to block blue light from computer screens and from artificial light. Blubox Glasses help to reduce eye strain by blocking these damaging lights. Sitting in front of computer screens for long periods of time can cause retinal damage and ultimately cause vision impairment.

Young Goose skin cream

True, this is yet another skin cream. However, it does contain something a little different. It has biohacking benefits which other creams and moisturizers do not. Young Goose skin cream ‘increases the rate of cell turnover and promotes regeneration with growth stimulant factors.” This cream has the effect of making your skin look younger and healthier, and helps to prevent some of the less attractive effects of aging on the skin.

Fascia Blaster

This is a very unique massage tool. It can be used to massage any area of the body and there is also mini version. With this too you can get a deep tissue massage which has the ability to increase blood flow and in turn increases nerve function. Using the Fascia Blaster will help to relieve pain to different areas of the body, including hamstrings resulting from sciatica.

The Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is something you can wear when you go to sleep. It is lightweight and can be worn on any finger. The Oura Ring has LED sensors and pairs up with mobile devices to measure the quality of your sleep. It measures a whole range of variables from temperature, body position to diet and sees how they impact the sleep of the person wearing the Oura Ring. Sleep is vital to good health, aging well, and living longer.

Apollo Neuro

The Apollo Neuro is another biohacking device. This device will improve your heart rate, help you to focus, improve your sleep quality and help if your body needs to repair itself. If you are constantly stressed, your nervous system will be releasing large amounts of cortisol which makes healing more difficult. The Apollo Neuro activates the nervous system in different ways by using vibration waves. In this way it can control the variability of the heart rate and also the amount of cortisol released.

Infrared PEMF MatThis mat which uses magnetic fields and heat is able to provide the same benefits received when performing yoga or meditation. It can help to relieve pain, help to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and promotes relaxation. This is the result of the Infrared PEMF Mat using small spurts of low frequency electromagnetic waves which prompts a bodily physiological response.

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