Trello Review vs Bitrix24 Review: What’s There to Know


The current era is the era of modernization and evolution. To cope with the industry challenges, businesses need to stay up-to-date to sustain their position in the market. And the best way to do this is by adopting digital tools to set up sturdy workspaces. Solutions like Trello and bitrix24 organize in-office experience in virtual setups. When managers swivel around their chairs to glance at their teammates, those days are gone. Nowadays, it’s not even remotely possible to know what your teammates are doing without having project management tools. And this is where Trello and Bitrix24 software comes into play. 

Here’s a thorough Trello review vs Bitrix24 review to help you see through these solutions. We hope this article will help you understand the significance of project management solutions like Trello and Bitrix24, as these are the future of the business industry. All organizations are gradually moving to remote offices, which brings convenience and joy to boring workplaces. The reason for penning down this Trello review vs Bitrix24 review is to make you aware of what these solutions hold for you.  

Trello Software Review: 

Trello is an intellectual project management software built for a team seeking a solution to manage their project workflows. It is much more than a basic project management solution and masters the art of virtual collaboration. Clients can create enjoyable yet effective workspaces to work remotely using this solution. Trello project management software is the ultimate productivity savior of businesses.  

Trello Features: 

When it comes to features, no vendor can beat Trello. Trello is indeed a feature-rich solution that has a solution for all. Its features are not restricted to small teams but even tend to the needs of enterprise-grade facilities. The core features of Trello are known to transform the way.  Let’s read more about the Trello review and its features in detail.


This is one of the great features of Trello review that it adds colors to boards and cards to make them engaging and captivating. In addition, it builds teammates’ interest in the work they do. The colorful card view is most significant for remote teams as they can upload colorful pics. In addition, these cards allow members to populate their personal info like address, contact number, etc.  

Advanced Checklists: 

Then there are advanced checklists that allow organizations to arrange their tasks. It prevents things from getting jumbled up and prevents clutter. It even highlights the granular details on the boards, including scheduled details, so no task slips through the cracks. These checklists keep all team members of what is happening and the current status of projects. 

Powerful Automations: 

The butler automation of Trello helps members bagged down with endless routine tasks. Trello features robust automation to change the way clients work. Trello knows when’s the time to set up the automation game without requiring complex coding language or more. This automation empowers clients to run end-to-end commands with ease.  

Trello Pricing: 

Trello offers a range of pricing bundles for teams of different sizes. It offers four plans. The free plan is built for individual-level task handling. The standard pricing plan of Trello costs $6/user/month and features unlimited boards. The premium plan costs$12/user/month and helps keep tabs on multiple tasks simultaneously. Lastly, an enterprise plan to manage boards across the organizational structure comes with a custom quote. For these plans, Trello supports monthly and annual pricing tiers.

Bitrix24 Review: 

Bitrix24 is an agile project management software that has all you need. It is more of a CRM solution equipped with fine-grade project handling tools and services. This remote-friendly solution nurtures a friendly environment for teams. It brings to top the hidden capabilities of the team by drenching the last ounce of efficiency from their skillset. Moreover, Bitrix24 software gives clients a bird’s eye view of their progress by using its reporting analytics services.  

Bitrix24 Features: 

Bitrix24 features a diverse portfolio of tools and services for project management, CRM, HR, and marketing categories. It serves as an all-in-one package for organizations by ensuring there are no loose ends. The prime features of the project management category of Bitrix24 are: 

Task Automation:  

Bitrix24 understands that no manager can process entire organizational tasks simultaneously, thus, it features a task automation service. This enhanced service by Bitrix24 software enables clients to ace it and up their level. Furthermore, it simplifies the project follow-up process by highlighting set deadlines and sending alerts for project modifications. 

Real-time Collaboration: 

The vendor breeds collaboration like no other vendor can ever can. Of all the features of Bitrix, this one shines bright. With real-time collaboration, teammates can know what other members are working on and can even work together. In addition, managers can get real-time progress reports which empower them to look for ways to boost teams’ productivity.  

File Storage: 

One of the reasons we personally adore Bitrix24 software is its file storage system. This solution stabilizes the organization’s workflow by cutting down the need for file storage, and Companies don’t have to worry about keeping their project maps safe as they can be stored on the web with 24/7 access. In addition, there are limited access features offered by Bitrix24 to secure files and minimize clutter.  

Bitrix24 Pricing: 

Bitrix24 scores the ground by featuring 3 pricing tiers, so clients don’t have to worry about their budget. The pricing plans offered by Bitrix are followed by a 20% discount on a yearly subscription. Bitrix24 offers 4 pricing packages with one free plan for unlimited customers. Its Basic plan costs $45 for 5 users per month. The Standard plan is priced at $99 per month for up to 50 users, and lastly, there’s a Professional plan with unlimited uses that costs $199 per month. Besides these, Bitrix24 offers a pricing plan for on-premise deployment.  


In the Trello review vs Bitrix24 review, we learned that the latter is a low-cost solution. But, Bitrix24 software is an all-inclusive solution that caters to the entire organizational needs, from employee management to project management and product marketing. If we consider all these points, Bitrix24 is a better option as it serves as a single console to handle the entire organization. Like Bitrix24, Trello is also not an exclusive project management solution; it also covers services for marketing and design teams to help with product launching. The crux of this Trello review vs Bitrix24 review is that Bitrix24 is one level up the game.

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