Understand everything about the GTA Online banning policy

GTA Online is Rockstar Games’ multiplayer GTA V mode. Released after the fifth title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the game allows up to 30 players (per server) to explore the fictional state of San Andreas on cooperative and competitive missions. But not everyone plays “within the rules” and is suspended or even banned from the game. Understand how it works.
GTA Online

How suspensions or bans happen

The Rockstar Games support page listed some of the factors that can cause a player to be suspended or banned from GTA Online. They Are:

  • Game changes;
  • Abuse and improperly take advantage of mechanics;
  • Manipulate protected codes and data;
  • Interfering with the experience of other players.

Rockstar points out that the punishment, within any of the aforementioned contexts, can be assessed as suspension or even a direct ban – depending on the seriousness of the situation. It is the famous “every case is a case”.

How do penalties work?

The suspensions in GTA Online are temporary (the time varies according to what Rockstar decides). As soon as a player is suspended, he/she automatically loses access to the game.

The end date of the suspension is shown on the home screen, and then the person is redirected to History Mode. It is worth mentioning that in a next infraction, after a suspension, this player is permanently banned.

The temporary suspension will not only block the player’s access for an “x” period of time; when you return to the game all your characters, progress, properties and items in GTA Online inventory will be deleted.

So, think carefully if it is worth risking losing everything just because of a cheat or hack, since all Rockstar decisions (on this subject) are final, according to the developer, and no resources will be accepted.