The cartoon is not just a type of entertainment, but an artistic and creative skill that can be used for advertising purposes or to create professional presentations.

With the new technologies made available by some online tools, it is possible for everyone to create cartoons and animated videos in a free and simple way, leaving complete freedom of realization to the user.

You can then create cartoons for fun, to create stories to share or even to advertise a service or product. In this article we discover the most powerful and even simpler web applications, in some cases also suitable for children, with which to create an animated video, or better, a real cartoon using intuitive, often powerful and creative interfaces.

Almost all the sites of sake have a free plan that allows you to use the creation tools without paying anything.

Usually the main limitation of free accounts is that you can not export or save videos for sharing.

1) Animatron is a commercial suite to create animated videos, which can be tested for free even if with many limitations.

The site requires free registration and contains many themes and templates ready to use for animated video.

Mostly it only takes time to get used to the timeline and the timing in which the objects are moved and appear and you can even create complex animations.

Each vector object can be resized and animated without becoming grainy and you can even draw freehand and animate the object instantly.

2) Prezi, is one of the best applications to create commercial, marketing and advertising videos. You can then use it for free to make tests, without limit in the number of presentations to be made, using its powerful tools, dynamic and engaging cartoons, with ready-to-use templates to kick off the project.

3) Animiz is the software to use to create cartoons and stories while having fun.

Although it requires you to download a program on Windows PC and Mac, the application is cloud-like, providing a certain online space in which to save projects.

Animiz is a sophisticated 3D animation software with many vivid special effects, multi-track timeline and publication in 6 different formats, including mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .flv, .mkv.
With hundreds of animated scenes to choose from, customizable with colors, logos, sounds.
Aninmiz can be used for commercial purposes, for educational reasons or simply for fun in the free time.

4) RenderForest is a video presentation and comics creation tool that offers a wide variety of free templates ready for use.

It allows you to create a cartoon and video presentation with some amazing effects like rendering and movement design.

This software has a very easy to use interface, good even for those with less patience and time to learn.

The free account can be used to create videos of up to 3 minutes.

5) PowToon is a great site to create videos and cartoons online in a simple and free way.
You can choose many characters and create a real story composed of various scenes, inserting the settings, objects, comics, audio content, photos.

You can zoom in, insert background music, decide the duration of the cartoon.

The free account can be used free for fun by creating short clips or paying subscriptions if there are more professional and marketing needs.

The site offers multipurpose templates ready to create high quality cartoons online in no time.

6) DVolver is a site lighter than the previous, the simplest of all and therefore suitable for children, to create fun little animations made with funny characters, with dialogues, background music and much more with simplified functionality.

7) Mixamo of Adobe is a 3D animation studio that does not require particular skills and allows you to create realistic characters in motion, deciding all the animations.

The animations seem professional, with automatic 3D, design of unique characters and unlimited possibilities in high definition.

8) Pixton is a site to make very beautiful cartoons, with graphics worthy of the best cartoons of TV, suitable for creating stories, for students, educators, marketing professionals and even for those who just want to dabble.

9) Biteable is a website for creating animated videos for marketing and social purposes, to create just those presentations that are often seen in advertising or in the presentation of projects.

With the free account you can try all the tools and have fun.

10) Wideo has a simple editor with many pre-loaded objects, shapes, backgrounds and sounds to use to create an animated video.

Very simple to use, after registering for free you can immediately create the first video by choosing the object to animate among those proposed.

You choose your starting position, the arrival one to see the chosen subject move.
Through a time line, you can organize the various movements to create the cartoon.
The site has however taken on a professional nature and does not provide free plans

11) DoInk is an application for iPhone and iPad to create funny cartoons online.

In this easy interface, you need to draw and create figures and shapes that can then be animated.

All the cartoons drawn and animated, can be saved on your online account and shared via the web with the html codes provided to copy and paste.

12) Google Toontastic can be downloaded for iPhone and Android, is an app for Android and iPhone, very simple to use, to create animated cartoons and videos, also suitable for children, where the characters interact with the voice.