Activate incognito mode in Youtube

Youtube now allows you to watch videos in incognito mode, leaving no traces and without affecting the suggested videos and History. On Youtube there are all kinds of videos, watching these can influences suggested videos that youtube thinks can interesting to you.

This means that if you show a cartoon to a child, Youtube will suggest a whole series of videos for children and it’s even worse if you watch a violent video or with content that can be embarrassing if other people knew we saw them.

In fact, it should not be forgotten that Youtube keeps, the video history for each user, which is also useful to keep active in order to receive personalized advice on other videos that may interest us. From now on, however, it is no longer necessary to deactivate the history or delete it, because you can watch Youtube in incognito mode, not only as normal on the PC browser, but also on the Android smartphone.

The incognito mode of browsers is useful to view a site without loading the customizations and leaving no traces on your computer, as if you were visiting that site the first time.The browser in incognito mode does not store the visit in the history, as if it had never happened. While this is possible when you visit the Youtube site on PC, on the smartphone was, until now, impossible, because Youtube always opens on its application (unless you use Firefox).

Now, however, you can activate the incognito mode in the Youtube app, so you can watch the videos you want without leaving tracks and without being influenced the suggested videos. YouTube’s incognito mode is currently only a function for Android.

The option can be found in the updated Youtube app, by tapping the profile image at the top right and then selecting “activate incognito mode“.

A warning will be displayed on the screen saying that the videos viewed will have no impact on the history and that the SubscriptionsInboxes and Collections sections will be empty and unusable.

Incognito access also restores the international settings and the Trends tab will show the most viewed videos in in your country. Even searches done in this mode will not be stored on the account.

To exit the YOutube incognito mode, you must press on the smiley face with glasses and hat on the top right side to deactivate it and go back to your personal account.
If you close the application, it remains in incognito mode when you reopen it.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that disconnecting from YouTube via incognito mode does not allow access to videos that are not visible due to age or region limits.So if the goal was to see adult videos on Youtube, it will not be possible with incognito mode.