10 Best Barometer and Altimeter App for iPhone and iPad

Are you keen on hiking or mountaineering and do you need any tools that can facilitate the organization and management of your trips out of town? Are you interested in instruments that can measure factors such as atmospheric pressure and altitude?

If it is really what you want, then you have come to the right post, where we will show for all lovers of hiking the Best 10 App Barometer and Altimeter for iPhone and iPad, so that you can organize and prepare your trip without neglecting any details.

Before going completely into the selection and description of the App, it is good to clarify that the Barometer is used to measure the atmospheric pressure, while the altimeter essentially serves to calculate the vertical distance of a place with respect to a surface taken as a reference.

With the progressive development of smartphones, by now all these simple operations are more and more at hand and the applications that are developed are increasingly complete and detailed, so as to facilitate the user’s everyday life.

Now, take a few moments to continue reading to understand which is the best application for Barometer and altimeter to have on your device, to be able to check all the weather info whenever you need it.

List of the best Barometer and Altimeter App for iPhone and iPad

App Index:

Barometer & Altimeter

Have you organized a trip to the mountains and you need to calculate some factors such as atmospheric pressure and altitude? If you have a new generation iPhone or iPad then you can take advantage of the Barometer & Altimeter application that uses the new barometric pressure sensor present in new devices made by Apple. What can we do with this great app?

  • Use the Barometer function to calculate the atmospheric pressure
  • Take advantage of the altimeter to calculate the altitude
  • No internet connection is required to use the app
  • Check the 6 different pressure units present
  • Set a custom marker to check the barometric pressure
  • Set altitude manually
  • It supports viewing on various screens

Pro Altimeter

Pro Altimeter is another wonderful application that allows us to check and verify the atmospheric pressure but above all the altitude related to a body taken as a reference. It is used above all in the airplanes considering the precision of the survey. Before you can use it and get accurate data, you need to calibrate the app and you can do it using one of the following methodologies:

  • Use the altitude provided automatically by the GPS
  • Enter the altitude manually
  • Enter the pressure manually

Once the calibration has been performed, the app will keep track of the period spent by the latter in order to warn and inform the user to re-run the operation again.

Altimeter +

Your biggest desire is to have an app on your iPhone that calculates altitude and atmospheric pressure impeccably? Altimeter + is the ideal app to install and use on your Apple smartphone. This tool allows you to calculate the altitude of a place using GPS or barometric pressure sensor. The main features offered by the app are:

  • Support for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • Altimeter with GPS or ASTER measurement
  • Calculation of the GPS or ASTER media
  • Map with data obtained in the various measurements made


Thermo-Hygrometer, on the other hand, is a tool with some additional features besides the classic barometer and altimeter. It is perhaps the most complete app of today’s focus, as it also provides detailed information on weather conditions and also presents the Hygrometer function. Its main features are enclosed in the following:

  • Measure the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Indicates low and high temperature
  • Hygrometer
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Widget to be used in the device’s screen

Heading | Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Location, Sunrise & Sunset

Heading | Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Location, Sunrise and Sunset is a very complete application that acts like a real compass that provides detailed information on:

  • Coordinates of your position
  • Sunrise and Sunset
  • Altitude and atmospheric pressure
  • Weather conditions in real time
  • The 4 cardinal points for orientation


The applications that we have described above does not impress you or do not provide enough information and therefore would you like to know some other tool that may be more suited to your requests? The solution in this case is offered by the WeatherRun App which provides information on any activity being carried out outdoors. In particular with WeatherRun you can:

  • Analyze heart rate and speed
  • Trace distance and speed of the route
  • Detect Altitude, Barometric Pressure and Humidity
  • Easily share information on the main social platforms
  • See the details of the statistics on all the information present

Bar-o-Meter – Altimeter & Barometer

Another very interesting tool to consider is Bar-o-Meter – Altimeter & Barometer. Essentially this application uses the new sensor on the new iPhone models to calculate the altitude and barometric pressure. Unlike other apps of the same kind, Bar-o-Meter also works on devices that do not have the sensor and can calculate data using the internet connection.

Main features of the Bar-o-Meter app:

  • Calculate Altitude and pressure based on position
  • Offers a widget to keep information on hand
  • Show Altitude and Pressure Graphs
  • Unit of multiple measures

Barometer Plus – Altimeter and Barometer PRO

Do you want to organize a Trekking day and need information on weather, pressure and altitude? The app that is right for you is called Barometer Plus and like the previous apps takes advantage of the new sensor on the latest models of smartphones and iPads. The main features offered by this tool are:

  • It works from Barometer and Altimeter
  • It supports pressure and altitude units
  • Calibrate the barometer using GPS
  • Notifications on changes in pressure and altitude

Perfect Altitude Meter

Perfect Altitude Meter is another app of the same kind of applications described above. Compared to the other offers nothing more, if not the classic functions of Altimeter and Barometer. It is a tool for creation that has a very nice graphics and is easy to navigate. If the previous tools have not satisfied you at all, then you just have to try Perfect Altitude METER.

Travel Altimeter Lite

The last tool that we will describe at the end of the post is called Travel Altimeter Lite and is the ideal application for those who love hiking and visiting particular landscapes. With this App, simply set a reference pressure and altitude so that when the location changes, the data provided by the app will also change, so as to check the difference in data between the two places visited.

Have you ever had the chance to test one of the Apps described in the post? How did you find yourself? In your opinion, what is the best tool among these?