How to Become an Ideal Candidate for Microsoft AZ-301 Test Using Exam Dumps from Exam-Labs?

The need to consider taking the Microsoft AZ-301 exam can be elucidated for various reasons. The main reason comes clear after analyzing the relevance of this particular test as a major part of the individual’s solutions architect career journey. As you may already know, getting the Architect certification can simply be impractical and impossible if you are not able to pass the AZ-301 exam. Even if you have already passed Microsoft AZ-300. This article focuses on the Microsoft AZ-301 test and everything else that it entails. Continue to read if you want to learn more about it.

What is Microsoft AZ-301 certification exam?

The AZ-301 dumps certification exam is among those that Microsoft released in October 2018. It is a role-based test meant for the Cloud gurus in the IT industry. Its full name is known as Microsoft Azure Architect Design. It is intended fort hose individuals who want to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential and become azure certified. This is a certification path designed for the experienced IT specialists, especially those concerned with Cloud technologies and architecture. This is an architecture-based certificate, which covers an array of subjects and services. The typical candidates for Microsoft AZ-301 are the Azure solutions architects, especially those who basically translate business requirements into reliable solutions by making the requirements secure and scalable.

Note that Microsoft AZ-301 is in the same group with the Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam. The two tests are required for earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate.

Prerequisites for attempting Microsoft AZ-301 certification exam

Just like Microsoft AZ-300, this certification exam and the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential are entry paths. In other words, they are meant for the beginners. Therefore, there are no official prerequisites. However, when it comes to Microsoft AZ-301, the learners are required to clear the AZ-300 test first. Besides, the individuals considering this second exam should possess advanced experience and knowledge of networking, business continuity, virtualization, disaster recovery, security, identity, data management, governance, and budgeting, among other aspects of the IT operations. The candidates for this test should also be skilled in Azure administration, DevOps, Azure development, and should have the expert-level skills in one or more of these domains.

Basic information on Microsoft AZ-301 certification exam

Microsoft AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design follows the structure similar to most of the Microsoft Azure role-based exams. The individuals considering this test should not bother much about its pattern, scoring, policies, and related aspects.Especially those who have prior experience of taking any Azure role-based exam. Knowing that most of the aspects are the same, the students should concentrate their energy and time on the exam modules than on the policies. But still, it is also important to remember these points as part of your preparation because it can help in solidifying your general knowledge in the Azure tests.

Structure:This Microsoft technical test contains about 40-60 questions. The applicants should bear in mind that the number of questions is subject to change. Talking about the types of questions, you should expect to encounter different formats, including multiple choice, drag and drop, case studies, active screen, the best answer, build list, repeated answer choice, mark review, and review screen. It is not necessarily true that all these types will be found in the Microsoft AZ-301 exam. However, all of them will follow any of the formats mentioned here. The certificationtest lasts about 120 minutes and there are extra 30 minutes of sitting time.

Passing score: Just like most Microsoft technical exams, Microsoft AZ-301 requires the passing score of 700 marks. Any score equal to or greater than 700 will be marked as a “pass”. Anything less than this mark is considered as a failure. The candidates will know the results of their test within just a few minutes after its completion. The students also receive printed report cards containing their score in various areas of the exam. The printed report card should be expected within 5 business days after the completion of the test.

Cost: The individuals taking the Microsoft AZ-301 exam are required to pay $165. This price applies to the learners in the United States. The candidates from other countries may be forced to pay a slightly higher fee due to taxation policies in their respective countries. In other words, the price of this exam is basically based on the country in which the examination is proctored. Those students who are not living in the United States are advised to check the pricing with their exam provider at the Pearson VUE testing center for the exact cost.

Skills measured in Microsoft AZ-301 certification exam

There are a number of skills measured in the Microsoft AZ-301 exam. They include:

  1. Determining workload requirements – 10-15%;
  2. Designing an infrastructure strategy – 15-20%;
  3. Designing a business continuity strategy – 15-20%;
  4. Designing for identity and security – 20-25%;
  5. Designing for migration, deployment, and integration – 10-15%;
  6. Designing a data platform solution – 15-20%.

Final Thoughts

When you analyze the real-time employment demand for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification career option, it immediately becomes apparent that Microsoft AZ-301 is worth every effort, time, money, and struggle to pass. According to the latest update of PayScale, an Azure solutionsarchitect is most likely to earn an average of $85,000-$162,000 as a salary in the United States. This figure can be slightly less or more similar in many of the growing economies and markets in the technology domain. Besides, this career path has consistently been showing incredible growth potential over the years due to the increase in the adoption of the public Cloud platform such as Azure. These facts can definitely be very relevant to you especially if you are seriously considering the Microsoft AZ-301 certification test.

So, don’t forget to prepare for this exam with great deliberation. Visit the Exam-Labs website for all the study materials you need and pass this certification test with flying colors.