Best Instagram MOD APK : Top 4 Insta Mods in 2020

Instagram is indeed very loved and most popular photo-sharing social media because of its various interesting features, especially related to story sharing and amazing filters.

However, do you feel bored with Instagram’s look and features? Therefore, this time we at Teknologya want to share the four best Instagram MOD APK 2020!

These apps allow you to add many useful and indispensable features to the Instagram app. 

As anticipated, these apps are modified versions of the Instagram app for Android. It works on all Android smartphones and tablets. It is not an official version, so it is not on the Play Store, but in my opinion, it works much better than the original program.

Why Use Instagram MOD APK?

Instagram does have a variety of interesting features that make us feel at home using it for hours.

It’s just that there are some important features that are not there in Instagram. Like saving images and videos from stories, zoom profile photos.

For that reason, many developers make MOD Instagram so that users can be more satisfied using this service.

Instagram MOD APK 2020

We have collected some of the best Instagram APK MOD that you can use easily and quickly. You can choose which one suits you best!

Disclaimer: Teknologya is not responsible if anything happens to your Instagram account when you use the MOD application below.

1. GBInsta MOD APK

Developed by Atnfas Hoak, the first Instagram MOD APK that we will recommend for you is the GB Instagram MOD APK.

Maybe you can guess that the developer of this app is the developer who developed the popular GBWhatsApp application.

This MOD is considered as one of the best compared to other Instagram MOD apps. Some of the main features possessed by this MOD application include:

  • A custom theme is available
  • Makes you able to copy comments
  • Copy someone’s bio
  • Multiple accounts, many accounts in one application
  • Copy image and video URLs
  • Translate caption or comment
  • Regular updates
  • No need root
  • Download photos and videos easily
  • Anti-ban
  • Can zoom there is a profile photo
Details GBInsta MOD APK
Developer GBInsta
Minimal OS Android 4.3 and above
Size 38.9MB
Downloaded by 4,000,000+

Download : GBInsta MOD APK 

2. OGInsta MOD APK

Next is the OGInsta MOD APK application. Yups, this application developer also made a WhatsApp MOD application called OGWhatsApp.

This app is one of the oldest Instagram MODs that was created because people want to be able to download photos or videos from Instagram.

Initially, you need to root your smartphone in order to use this application. But now, you can use it without root directly.

The features provided by this are more or less the same as previous MOD appl. In addition, this application also has interesting features such as:

  • Follow indicator
  • See other people’s profile photos clearly
  • Enlarge a photo by holding it
  • Video and photo download feature
  • Autoplay video with voice
  • Share URL directly
Details OGInsta MOD APK
Developer OGInsta
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and above
Size 25.38MB
Download it 4,500,000+

Download : OGInsta MOD APK

3. InstaPro MOD APK

As one of the newest Instagram MODsInstaPro MOD APK is another alternative to be able to enjoy Instagram in a different style.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the features possessed by this application are classified as the most. Many features in this app that are not owned by other Instagram MOD apps.

Some of the most important features of this application include:

  • Remove Instagram ads, both from feeds or stories
  • Can listen to music in stories without VPN
  • Copy and translate comments
  • Copy someone’s bio
  • Exclude swipe-navigation from the main menu
  • Can click the link in the comment column
  • Autoplay Video with Voice
  • Stop video autoplay
  • Hide the number of people who saw the story
  • Remove the read status in DM
  • Remove typing status in DM
  • Can enlarge someone’s profile photo
  • Download videos, photos from stories
  • Share and copy URLs
Details InstaPri MOD APK
Developer InstaPro
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and above
Size 38.9MB

Download : InstaPro MOD APK

4. InstaUltra MOD APK

The last MOD Instagram app on this list is InstaUltra MOD. This app also has many useful features that you can use.

Even though it is less popular than the previous three apps, InstaUltra has almost all the features you expect in an Instagram MOD.

Unfortunately, this app hasn’t been updated for a long time. You might find some bugs that aren’t too annoying.

The main features of this application include:

  • Hide the read mark on the DM
  • Support Links on the application
  • Hide the number of views on Live Video
  • Header customization, bottom feed bar, and story tab
  • Anti-ban
Details InstaUltra MOD APK
Developer Sommer Damous
Minimal OS Android 4.4.2 and above
Size 52MB

Download : InstaUltra MOD APK

The final word

Those were some Instagram MOD 2020s that you can download and use to make your Instagram look more attractive with more complete features.

Once again, Teknologya is not responsible if your Instagram account gets into trouble when you use the MOD application above.

If you find a problem, you can try contacting the developer directly.

If you’re have tried mods before let us know us in comments how is your experience.