6 Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

If you are wondering whether social media is really a good enough platform to thrive your business, then let me tell you, it has been found that more people follow brands on social media than follow celebrities.

There are a number of social media networks that can be used but based on your work industry and targeted audience you must decide which platform is best suited for your business. In order to understand this, you must know how different platforms function for different business sectors.

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1. Instagram

With most of the users aged under 25 years of age, Instagram is one of the youngest social media platforms. This means that it is the best network for brands or companies that target youth all over the world. Instagram sees more than 1 billion users per month out of which 80% of them follow at least one business account.

Companies centered on fashion or digital technology do exceptionally well on Instagram. If you are creative at your content then just a cool photo and video technique can help your business to be successful. You can even try out Instagram advertising for some initial publicity.

Linking your Instagram account to Facebook or Twitter will enable you to share content across several platforms all at once. For initial growth on this huge platform, companies like SocialGala brings forward a lot of lucrative options to buy for small business owners.

2. Facebook

With more than 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is the most famous and trending social media platform in the world. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and such a broad audience can do wonders for your business.

From uploading new deals to sharing the behind-the-scenes of your products, you can do a lot of things just by creating a simple Facebook page. Photos, videos, short posts and contests, everything works well on Facebook. If you have your brand on some other social media or if your brand has its website, you can even invite the audience there through Facebook.

3. Twitter

Twitter, the most accessible social platform which is best for obtaining the latest content, has about 330 million users. Almost every brand in the world has an account on Twitter which makes it one of the best platforms to keep users updated about your business.

It may not have such a large audience as Facebook, but it is more informative and better for increasing brand awareness. Messages on Twitter have to be 280 characters or less. Following this constraint means that you have to be concise and interesting, both at the same time which is certainly not an easy task. Also if you want to boost marketing strategy for your brand you have to analyze Twitter followers and you can do that for free at einsightdata.com.

But if you can overcome this small hurdle, then your tweets can be retweeted by those who favor them and this way your brand can reach millions.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most professional business network in the world. It’s 310 million active users per month form a community of business owners and workers who can connect on a more professional level. LinkedIn is the most ‘professional’ of all social media platforms. That’s why if you want to expand your business, generate leads in an ongoing and consistent way then you should visit  socialsellingcoach.ai.

It has been found that its users prefer B2B content rather than B2C content. This means that the companies looking for clients for business will be more successful than those who are looking for a market of consumers.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world after Google with more than 2 billion users. You must be wondering that as YouTube is a place of music and videos how can a business thrive on this platform!

Well, here is where most of us are deceived. This is an excellent platform for instructional videos, product reviews, and similar content. This will also help you in educating a part of your targeted market.

Once your video is up on YouTube, it will start to show up on Google YouTube search results. You can even promote it on other social media platforms.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is a network where you can share, or in better terms, ‘pin’ visual content so that millions can view it. Every business that has a visual impact can thrive here.

Just use some graphics to make your content creative and interesting, and you will get everlasting pins that continue to expand your business. Regularly maintaining boards can also come in handy.

There are higher success rates on Pinterest for brands that target women. It has been studied that about 85% of Pinterest users are females.

If you are still not making use of these excellent social media platforms, then you are missing out on a fast, cheap and effective way of reaching masses.