Navigating Different Types of Digital Marketing

Once you’ve made the decision that your business requires a digital marketing campaign of some sort it is important to understand the different types of approaches that are available in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape of digital marketing. 

Some agencies like King Kong offer a wide range of services including Facebook advertising and content creation while other agencies tend to specialize in one or two services. The company you choose will depend on your budget, your expectations, and preferred methods of customer approach.

So, let’s take a look at the different types of agencies. 

Navigating Different Types of Digital Marketing

Full In House – An agency that offers a range of digital marketing solutions operating with a number of staff who specialize in different areas of digital marketing.  

SEO Agency – These companies help clients’ websites reach a wider audience and improve their presence in the list of search engine results.  

Inbound Marketing – Inbound marketing is a method that helps attract customers by creating useful content and experiences that resonate with the audience. This is a content-driven approach that is a long-term strategy that builds relationships rather than relying just on ads. 

Digital AD Agency – Paid advertising is another method to generate traffic to your website. Unlike organic free traffic, this method is a fast solution to bring customers to your product using keywords and ad placements on search results. Digital ads appear on social media feeds and search engine results. 

Social Media Agency – Companies that focus 100% on social media, and not necessarily on social media ads, but by creating communities, groups, pages, and content on popular platforms like Facebook. They may also interact with customers by handling messenger accounts. And reach out, on sites like Instagram, for influencers, cross-promotion, or affiliate marketing.  

Website Design Agencies – A website is a company’s shop window, and with a design agency a brand, look, and logo, can be created along with the overall functionality of the website. Setting up direct payment methods, and improving the function of the website are all key if traffic is being driven to the site using the other methods listed above then when the customer arrives the site should be flawless. 

It is up to the individual company which areas that they need to focus on first and foremost. For a successful online business, some if not all of these approaches should be considered.

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