BioShock Cheat Codes and Hacks

BioShock is a first-person shooter, which was first released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but later won numerous versions on other more modern consoles. In the computer version it is possible to activate codes and cheats that facilitate the adventure, see how.


Cheats for weapons in BioShock

There are two types of cheat lists in BioShock, the first of which involves weapon improvements. To activate these cheats it is necessary to perform a simple edit in one of the installation files first.

Reinforcing: for this reason, these cheats work only on the PC, since, in the versions for consoles, it is virtually impossible to edit installation files, except through illegal manipulations of the devices.

With this in mind, do the following:

  1. Find the BioShock installation folder on your PC;
  2. Open the ContentSystem folder;
  3. Inside the folder, create a text file called “upgrades.txt”, without the quotes;
  4. Open the created file and add the code you want so that it can be used in the game;
  5. Save the file after modifications;
  6. Open the game.

As usual, it is always good to remember to create backup files of your installed game, to avoid losing saved progress and to prevent the game from “breaking” without the chance of being repaired.

In addition, if it was not obvious, it is good to warn that cheats can only be inserted with the game closed. Open the game as soon as you finish adding the codes you want.

List of BioShock cheats and codes for weapon improvement:

See the full list with the codes and what they do in the game

Code What he does
AddWeaponStatUpgrade ChemicalThrower ConsumptionRate Improves Chemical Thrower consumption
AddWeaponStatUpgrade ChemicalThrower Range Improves the Chemical Thrower weapon
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Crossbow BreakageChance Makes the Crossbow break less
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Crossbow Damage Increases Crossbow damage
AddWeaponStatUpgrade GrenadeLauncher Immunity Increases immunity of the grenade launcher
AddWeaponStatUpgrade GrenadeLauncher Damage Increases the damage of the grenade launcher
AddWeaponStatUpgrade MachineGun Damage Improves the machine gun
AddWeaponStatUpgrade MachineGun Kickback Reduces machine gun kickback
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Pistol MagazineSize Increases pistol capacity
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Pistol Damage Improves pistol damage
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Shotgun Damage Shotgun damage increases
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Shotgun RateOfFire Increases shotgun damage speed

Common cheats that improve the game

Next, I’ll teach you how to activate common cheats. They also involve modifying an installation file. The same rules as for the other procedure apply here.

Also, follow the steps:

  1. Find the folder where the game is installed;
  2. Inside the folder, find the file “defuser.ini”;
  3. Open the file with notepad;
  4. Associate the F1 keys with F10 with the codes listed below;
  5. Save the file after the changes.

To activate codes within the game, just press one of the chosen keys.

Code list:

Code What he does
suicide Kill the character
ghost Character goes through walls
walk Character returns to normal walking
fly Character flies on the stage
igbigbucks Earn 500 cash
god God mode”
setgravity Changes the severity of the game
setjumpz Changes the jump height
killpawns Kill nearby enemies
exec X Gets an item, where “X” is the name of the item
givebioammo Recovers all EVE
givehealth Recovers all life
slomo Everything slows down
teleport Teleports to where you’re pointing

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