Did you get banned on Pokémon Go? What you can do

Having your account banned on Pokémon Go is possible for a number of factors. The game is very strict against those who cheat or use flaws to take advantage. But banning on Pokémon Go can also occur for reasons considered “unfair” or, in rarer cases, “deception”. Learn how to solve.

Pokémon GO

What can ban you in Pokémon Go?

According to the official website of Niantic, the game’s producer, many reasons can get a player banned from the game.

The main reasons are:

  • Use the game to promote hostility against people or groups
  • Fake location with Fake GPS or similar tools
  • Use unauthorized programs to play Pokémon Go, such as emulators or modifications
  • Hack the Pokémon Go software to gain access to the code

These practices are not always guaranteed to cause a ban. However, if detected by Niantic, or if reported by a third party, it is practically certain to occur.

The ban, when it happens, leaves you out of the game and does not allow you to enter the account. There is, however, the so-called “shadowban”.

Explaining the shadowban

The shadowban is less serious. It still lets you enter the game, but limits access to some functions. Niantic does not officially indicate the causes and punishments of the shadowban, but it varies from not showing Pokémon on the map or not being able to fight other players.

Usually, the shadowban happens when the player commits “less serious” infractions, such as playing while driving. In addition, it is automatically removed after a short period of time.

I was unfairly banned, what now?

If the player considers that he has been unfairly banned, the most practical way is to file a complaint and contest directly with Niantic.

For this, the producer offers an official Help Center page: Official Pokémon Go Help Center page

Official Pokémon Go Help Center page

In this link the player fills, in order:

  1. User name
  2. E-mail used to access the account
  3. Problem type
  4. Detailed description of the problem
  5. Attach files (Optional)
  6. Preferred language to receive the answer

The deadline for reply varies widely and is said by Niantic itself, at the end of the record.

In the case of shadowban, or if it is a ban by mistake, you can always try to log out and log in again, delete and install the app again or even try it on another phone.