How to play Valorant : Complete Beginner’s Guide

Valorant consists of a 5 × 5 arena in which teams take turns arming Spike, a kind of bomb. In addition to everything that a good FPS requires, good aim, strategic positioning, the game has agents with unique skills, which give the possibility of the gameplay to be much more strategic than other games of the genre.


Each player has only one life per round. If he was shot, he needs to wait for the next round to help the team. The team that adds 13 rounds wins first, so Valorant matches are defined. The functions of each agent, well used, will give the necessary strength for the team to win this confrontation.

In our guide that teaches you how to play Valorant we will show you some of the details. It has all the necessary tools to get through the initial boom of players and consolidate itself as a big FPS. Let’s start from the basics of the game: the installation!

Minimum requirements

Fixed items:

Operational systemRAMVRAM (dedicated to video)
Windows 7/8/10 64-bit4 GB1 GB

By performance:

HardwareMinimum (30 FPS)Recommended (60 FPS)Maximum performance (144+ FPS)
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo E8400Intel i3-4150Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz
Graphic cardIntel HD 4000Geforce GT 730GTX 1050 Ti

How to install

Now that we know how our game will work, let’s go to the installation part of the game, in a little while you can play, let’s go step by step:

  1. Make a Riot account;
  2. Anyone who already has a League of Legends account must migrate their account;
  3. Open the installer and select the directory where you want to leave the game;
  4. Let the game make the necessary updates;
  5. Log in with your username and password.

Valorant Maps

The game initially has four maps, each with its own characteristics and different strategies. Take advantage of the reduced amount of maps to train hard on everyone and make the most of them.


The map has only two points, no control zone in between. Your options are right and left, both lead directly to the attacking team. Here is direct combat!


There are three distinct points of control, which gives the attacking team more options. The extra terrain helps defenders to make better and different strikes to regain lost control points.


The elevated area is in the central part and the points of both teams allow a quick climb by means of ropes. Do not lose sight of the high points, otherwise your round will be lost.


The most strategic map, so far, of the Riot game. There are several points of positioning and conflict. Whoever divides the two points this time is an open area. It allows the possibility of closing gates that, when closed, force the other team to destroy or take a new direction.


Valorant agents have a number of unique skills. They are divided into four groups: duelists, initiators, controllers and sentries. The skills are purchased as items, minus the ULT, which needs kills to be carried. The skills are activated by the keys: C, Q, E, X (for ULT).


He has more damage and attack skills, he is the favorite type of killer player.

Agents: Jett, Raze, Phoenix, Reyna


Agents with the power to start a good fight, with skills and stamina to be the key to combat.

Agents: Breach and Sova


Has good skills to maintain control points, we can consider the most defensive of the game, but very important in the meta game.

Agents: Omen, Brimstone, Viper


Key players in the strategy, his skills are focused on supporting teammates.

Agents: Sage and Cypher

Game arsenal

Light Weapons

ClassicIt starts with thisBurst mode with mouse 2
Shorty$ 200High damage up close
Frenzy$ 400Fires as a machine gun
Ghost$ 500More accurate for far
Sherif$ 800Greater damage / accuracy
Tactical knifeIt starts with thisMortal melee

Submachine guns

Stinger$ 1000Low cost
Specter$ 1600Greater accuracy


Bucky$ 900Damage up close
Judge$ 1500Shooting speed


Bulldog$ 2100Low cost
Guardian$ 2700Precision from afar
Phantom$ 2900Stability
Vandal$ 2900High damage

Sniper Rifles

Marshal$ 1100Low cost
Operator$ 4500Lethality

Machine guns

Ares$ 1600Low cost
Odin$ 3200Stability

With this initial information, the player will no longer be so lost shooting at all sides. You will be able to choose the function that best matches your style of play. Have fun in the game and, when the ranked mode arrives, be a champion in Valorant!

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