Stellaris codes and cheats [Windows, macOS, Linux]

Stellaris is a 4X strategic game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) similar to the Civilization series, in which you can explore space and build a Galactic Empire. It has a series of cheats and commands that can change different elements of a game, making them more interesting. Check out some of Stellaris‘ cheats and codes.


Stellaris cheats and codes

Stellaris cheats and codes can only be activated on Windows, macOS and Linux versions, and are not available on PS4 and Xbox One. To activate them, you must open the Terminal by typing “/” (back) or entering the “§” symbol (paragraph), which can be done with a key combination that differs depending on the operating system.

  • On Windows: hold “Alt”, type “21” on the numeric keypad and release “Alt”;
  • On macOS: hold “Option” (on a non-Apple keyboard, “Alt”), type “6” and release “Option” (or “Alt”).

Check out some of the Stellaris codes and cheats   below (believe me, there are many):

CommandParameterIt is made
activate_all_traditionsActivates all traditions
activate_ascension_perk[name]Activates specific Ascension perk (“Tab” key reveals options)
activate_tradition[tradition]Activates specific Tradition (“Tab” key reveals options)
add_anomaly[anomaly]Adds specific anomaly to the selected celestial body
add_opinion[source] [target] [quantity]Increases the specified amount of Target Opinion over the defined source
add_relic[relic]; [all]Ensures a specific relic; the “all” parameter gives all relics. Can be repeated as many times as you like
add_ship[design id]Create a fleet with a specified design ship (“Tab” key reveals options)
alloys[amount]Adds a specific amount of alloys (default: 5,000)
cash[amount]Adds a specific amount of credits (default: 5,000)
damage[amount]All ships in the selected fleet suffer specified amount of damage
event[event id]Starts specified event
engineering[amount]Adds number of Engineering points (default: 5,000)
federation_add_experience[amount]Adds amount of Experience to the Federation (default: 1,000)
federation_add_cohesion[amount]Adds Cohesion amount to the Federation (default: 200)
federation_add_cohesion_speed[amount]Adds amount of Monthly Cohesion to the Federation (default: 10)
federation_examine_leaderFederation succession process begins
finish_researchCloses all active searches
finish_special_projectsCloses all special projects
finish_terraformCloses all terraforming processes
food[amount]Adds amount of food (default: 5,000)
force_integrate[country id]Adds specified country to the player’s empire
free_governmentAllows to change governments without time limit
free_policiesAllows the player to change policies without restrictions
physics[amount]Adds number of Physics points (default: 5,000)
planet_class[planet class id]Change the class of the planet
planet_happiness[amount]Adds Happiness to a planet (default: 100)
planet_size[size]Changes the size of a planet (limit: 78, larger numbers make the size go back)
research_technology[technology id]Search specified technology instantly
resource[quantity] [resource]Adds quantity of a given resource (default: 5,000)
skills[amount]Adds number of Skill levels for each leader under the player’s control (default: 1)
society[amount]Adds Society points amount (default: 5,000)
unity[amount]Adds Unit quantity (default: 500)

You can find more Stellaris codes and cheats on specialized sites, such as the game’s wiki released in 2016, which is kept up today by the community.