How to block junk mail in iPhone and iPad

Spam, newsletters and email advertising can be easily blocked on iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad.

All of us are victims of promotional email messages that clog up our devices’ inbox. These messages are received because you have subscribed to any newsletter in the past by mistake. Over time these inscriptions become many and one wonders how it is possible to block them.

Normally in the messages of a newsletter there is also a link to cancel the registration in order to block this type of spam. Unfortunately, this link is not always easy to find.

The application Mail for iOS with which we read the emails on the iPhone and iPad has a function that automatically recognizes emails from a newsletter and allows us to easily block them. This feature is really very useful, but few are aware of its existence and how it is used.

Just a few seconds are enough to put a brake on newsletters on the iPhone and iPad. Let’s see how.

We start Mail to check the e-mail received and open a message of an unsolicited newsletter. At the top we will see a small banner appear with the message The message is part of a mailing list. A link with the word Remove address will appear immediately below.

Touching the link will appear a popup window that will ask us if we want to remove the subscription to the mailing list. Just tap Remove address to cancel our subscription and stop receiving advertising emails.

Easier than drinking a glass of water. In a few seconds we can put a stop to all advertising emails and clean up the inbox from unwanted messages.

If the Mail app does not automatically identify the mailing list, we will have to proceed manually. In this case, just scroll the message to the end to find the link to unsubscribe from the newsletter.