Here’s how to browse Internet completely anonymous even on Android using the new version of TOR Browser

TOR Browser is one of the best programs ever to surf anonymously on the internet and since a few days finally officially lands on Android. The Tor Project has finally released Tor Browser also for the Google operating system and is the best method to surf anonymously on the internet even on the move.

In fact, with this modified browser it is possible to surf anonymously on the Internet by hiding your IP and in a few days the first Alpha version of Tor Browser for Android has also been published, thus landing on the move.

With this browser for Android we will be able to surf the Internet in a completely safe and anonymous way, TOR Browser is a real browser that, besides the classic functions, integrates the TOR system to browse and access the internet in complete anonymity.

Tor Browser, still available in Alpha version, has several functions already working such as Tracker Blocker, automatic cancellation of cookies, protection against fingerprinting as well as No ISP Block.

In short, a full browser even if not working at 100% and with several problems that could arise since it is only a primordial version.

How TOR Browser works to browse anonymous on Android

Obviously TOR Browser is free and is available for different platforms and allows to obtain anonymous browsing through integration with the TOR network that is included in the browser.

So once installed and started TOR Browser, we will not have to do is start surfing in anonymity without having to do anything.

Download TOR Browser for Android in Preview

All settings are like the classic TOR browser that we know on PC Desktop available for Windows, Linux and MAC and is now available for Android, even if still in Alpha but that you can already download and install by clicking on the link following:

Download TOR Browser for Android

Download TOR Browser for Android from the Play Store