Why Use WordPress in 2020? Check Out These 6 Reasons


Being a writer can be challenging because one has to go through a lot to become established. Creating relatable content, having good audience interaction, and being heard is necessary in this regard.  Most of the factors, like building content and promotion, require a lot of work. Anything that is quickly done is, therefore, a blessing

Top 10 Ways to Improve the Domain Authority of your website

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No one knows how Google ranking algorithms work, but can only form ideas based on SEO practitioners’ experience. Google uses more than 200 ranking factors and numerous other factors that indirectly influence its decisions in choosing websites for filtering against search queries.  One of the factors that play a critical role by influencing the ranking

Building links and promoting brand to boost your SEO


For every major SEO marketer hoping to make it big in 2020, acquiring top-tier and viable links is the buzzword. So, you need to focus on brand building alongside link building. Let’s decode this. In the world of journalistic writing or a news report approach, you have three main types. First is planned editorial. Journalists

The Benefits of Having a Blog

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Have you ever considered starting a blog? A lot of people are choosing to create their own blog in 2020 and there are so many awesome reasons why. From making money to writing about your passions, there is no better time than the present to start your own website and writing. Do you need some

4 SEO Tips to Get Your Website Ranked High in Search Engines

4 SEO Tips to Get Your Website Ranked High in Search Engines

If you like all your web pages to be ranked in the initial page for keyword terms your web site is connected to and obtain substantial amounts of totally free targeted site visitors from the search engines, then it is essential that your internet site is Search Engine Optimized. Several people get frightened off when

How To Improve Your Website Loading Time Quickly In 2020

Expanding Conversions Through Fast Loading Times If your website loads slowly, you will definitely lose conversions. Nobody likes to wait for anything these days, and for the most part, they don’t have to. 5G internet is on the horizon, and even though this has not yet fully deployed, 6G is already in development. People want

Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers on the Internet

Plagiarism in simple terms, means presenting someone else’s work as one’s own. It can be intended and can be unintended as well and most of the times, it is unintended since the consequences for plagiarism serve as a deterrent for intended plagiarism. It is a malicious practice and is considered theft of intellectual property. Those