How to change Android phone background

Smartphones are now the part of our daily lives and we also want them to look good and change when we want. They are devices that contain our most important information, allow us to access the Internet and store many of the photos we shoot every day. So, it’s no surprise that the personalization of our phones has become an important factor and this can happen in a variety of ways.

If you’ve also decided to change your smartphone’s appearance, one of the easiest ways to personalize your phone is to change your cell phone background. This can be done by changing the home screen with default or third-party wallpaper images. If you do not know how to do it, this guide helps you to perform the simple steps that will change the appearance of your phone by changing the initial image on your Android smartphone.


Android Wallpapers: Google Now Launcher, Nova Launcher, Action Launcher and others

This first method for changing Android wallpapers is compatible with Google Now LauncherNova Launcher and other third-party Launcher apps that you can download and install from the Google Play Store. For those who do not know, the Launcher is the home screen of your Android smartphone. The start screen can be changed as desired by installing a new Launcher from the Android Play Store. Of course you can choose the one you like best among the many that you will find available. Most users of any Android phone, to change the home screen use this method that you find below. The procedures are easy to remember and easy to do, to be done every time you need to update the device. So, let’s see how to change wallpaper to your Android phone with a default or third-party Launcher.

  1. Click and hold on the phone’s home screen.
  2. Click on the wallpapers icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Choose from the default wallpapers built into the system, or choose one of your favorite photos from the gallery.
  4. Click on Set as the background in the upper left of the screen.

This method is valid for Android phones that are not of the Samsung brand, which we will see later in the guide to install new Launchers. Instead you can follow the previous steps with all other phones of Chinese origin.

Change Samsung smartphone background

Changing background on a Samsung phone is a bit different than the method described above. This is because Samsung actually gives you more options than most other phones do not give.

  1. Click and hold on the Home screen.
  2. Click on the Wallpapers icon in the lower left corner.
  3. Choose whether the image should be changed only on the Home screen, on the lock screen, or on both screens.
  4. Click on a Samsung wallpaper or Choose the image from the gallery at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click on Set wallpaper at the top of the screen.

To improve the personalization of your Android phone, it may be useful to read the guide How to customize Android without root with useful tips on the changes that you can make on your phone.

Note: The last method we saw, works on Samsung phones running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, but due to changes in Samsung software from country to country, there may be slight variations in the procedure.

Change Nexus phones background

To change the Nexus phones wallpapers the procedure is still different and we will see it below. This method will allow you to change the background image on the Home screens and lock screens of Nexus devices, especially on Android One or Google Play Edition. To change the wallpapers you can use images by default or images and photos you already have on your device.

Please note that the procedure in this guide is valid for versions of Android 7.1 and above.

Guide to change backgrounds

  1. Press on an empty space on the home screen of the device.
  2. Click on Wallpapers.
  3. Choose the background you prefer.
    • If you prefer to use one of your personal images, click on My photos.
    • If you prefer to use a default image, click on the one you prefer.
  4. Click on Set wallpaper at the top.
  5. Click on the Home screenLock screen or Home screen and lock screen.

Download other wallpapers

If the wallpapers that are available on your Nexus do not satisfy you, you can always download wallpapers app where you can find many other images, such as the Google Wallpapers app, from the Play Store app.

How to change wallpaper on your cellphone automatically

If you want to do something different than having a fixed background on your phone, you can try the function that automatically changes the wallpaper based on the time of day. It’s not a difficult procedure, just install an app for Android phones that you find on the Play Store.

The app we’re talking about is called Smart Wallpaper and you can download it for free from the Play Store. If you get bored of seeing the same background all day, Smart Wallpaper lets you set a different background image based on certain conditions, such as the time of day, how the weather changes, the day of the week, or choose images randomly.

It’s a fun feature, which will amaze your friends, because they will see the background change when you approach lunchtime and food images will appear. Or you will have a darker image in the evening and a lighter one in the daytime. You can have fun with the different possibilities that this app offers.