Guide to Choose the Best Wireless Router in the market


If your family is like many other modern families, a typical day at home might be something like this: you checking out what is new on Netflix in the bedroom, one of your kid busy in the study room gaming, and your spouse busy checking out what is new on the gossip column. With that mind, you will need to check out to get the best router to serve your family needs for the internet.

A router refers to the magical box which lets you be able to distribute your internet connection to several devices within your home including smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, laptops, smart television sets, and being able to stream various media devices which include, but not limited to Apple television.

And while the wired connections of the internet might seem to be faster and considered secure as compared to the wireless, it is best to go for the latter if you want to utilize it around your home, using various mobile devices. When you use wireless, it eliminates the clutter which is brought about by cables.

The following is what you will need to know when you go out looking for a wireless router

  • Use the one you have or change: If your service provider is the cable provider, it will be easy to plug in your router in the modem of the cable, providing the link to the internet. For the rest of the services, you can as well combine the router with the broadband modem in one box which the provider supplies when you purchase.

Apart from the obvious reason such as your router breaking, you can consider purchasing a new router due to:

    • You don’t want to rent or purchase a router from your current service provider
    • At the moment, you have a modem of the broadband nature that is connected to one computer but you want to utilize the internet on several devices
    • The current router that you have only got connectivity that is wired but you are looking for one that can provide you with wireless services for many devices at the same time
    • The current internet that you have is a very slow or short wireless range to get into the various places in your home.
  • Types of wireless routers: Gulp or Sip

The basic decision that you need to make is whether to get an advanced router or a basic one; a router that has better performance and more features and at the same time expensive. The size of your home and the number of devices that you want to connect to the router will also determine the type of wireless router that you will end up purchasing.

The performance of your router will be affected greatly by your home layout and size. Before you go out shopping for a router, you will need to first of all access your home, its overall size, the materials used for building, your media versus where the router will be located. If your house has plaster, drywall or hollow doors, they will definitely interfere with the performance of your router.

Signal degradation can also be caused by uninsulated floors and doors. But the worst enemy could be the aluminum studs which are normally found in modern apartments and office buildings, insulated floors and walls, solid stone and bricks, and glasses. The more the walls, floors, and windows of whatever kind, the worse the signal becomes

    • For the signal gulper routers: It is perfect if you live in a large house that has several rooms and more than a single floor. You will enjoy a router with strong data and long-range throughout the distance. It will be great if you place the router in a location that is central.
    • For the signal sipper routers: They are perfect if you stay in a small apartment where the router will just be used within a small space like a room away or even in the same room. It will not be affected by distance but at the same time, you will get speedy throughout capabilities.

Important considerations to make

  • The limits of the router: A router that has top speed will not necessarily improve the streaming of services such as YouTube or Netflix videos. Across any network, data is only able to move as fast as the internet traffic connection which is slow, which is between your internet provider and your home.
  • Booster club: If you like, you can sign up for a faster connection from your service provider
  • Mesh network: It comprises two or more routers that work together to guarantee you better connection especially when your modern is located in a far corner of your home and you want good connectivity to the other side of the house.