A simple line of HTML code crashes iPhone and iPad on iOS 12. With the Indian character, here’s a new threat

New case of crashes of iPhone and iPad in the simplest way possible, after the Indian character that was looping the iPhone with a simple message, now there is an HTML code discovered by the developer Sabri Haddouche.

The new bug is actually a flaw in the Safari browser found on iOS 12 where the causes lie in WebKit of Safari that if you open the HTML code created specifically sent on your iPhone or iPad with a nice reboot crash.

Just run the code of just 15 lines and would cause the kernel panic in Apple products with a forced reboot of the system. At the moment the risks are minimal if not a reboot of the device and not saving the last operations done but do not lock the device and does not become unusable.

The HTML code, as stated by Haddouche, does not endanger the data of the device but only sends it in crash. At the time Apple has not issued any official statement but only 1 day since the release of iOS 12, Apple may already be on the launch pad for a first mini corrective release.

The attack can also be activated simply by visiting a web page that contains the malicious code and then in the coming days could trigger the panic on the network for restarts of iPhone and iPad not checked.

The offending HTML is visible here.