Cryptocurrency: Get rich scheme or just a lie?

Crypto assets are not yet widely accepted by the market, owing to several reasons and related aspects of the monetary marketplace. However, as more and more people know about this technology, the prices will increase. This is because investors will understand that investing and profit is a new way. Bitcoin transactions are not valued by their market cap but rather by their perceived intrinsic value to the holder. This means that the price of a crypto asset is based on how much people think it’s worth rather than what others believe it is.

The price of crypto assets is a market-based pricing mechanism. The prices are given by the velocity of money and the number of investors who want to purchase. On the one hand, if there is a lot of demand for an asset, its price will rise; on the other hand, if there is a lot of supply for investment, its price will fall. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to both factors before deciding whether you before proceeding forth with the engagement. Nevertheless, once prepared, head towards the bitcoin trading platform.

Cryptocurrency: Get rich scheme or just a lie?

1. Valuation of crypto assets

Crypto assets are by no means fully valued. They are worth less than their market cap indicates. For instance, a $100 billion crypto asset would only be worth $100 billion if it were in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. But it’s not even in the top ten—it’s in the twenty-first spot! This means that the price of this cryptocurrency is “too high” and, therefore, should be discounted by half.

Cryptocurrency has been in a bull market for several years now, with many people believing that this trend will continue until it reaches $100 trillion—which would make it more valuable than gold! However, many investors are concerned about future trends because they believe that this trend could end up being fake news and that it will soon be over. After all, there are too many people involved in cryptocurrency transactions nowadays, as well as high transaction fees compared to traditional financial transactions made through banks or credit cards (which usually charge around 3%. This means that each transaction costs more than $10).

2. Huge grip on the trends

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity worldwide, with an estimated 500 million users worldwide and a total market cap of over $200 billion. However, this still represents a small portion of overall global currency circulation—approximately 5 percent globally in 2017 alone. Many important factors affect crypto asset prices, including but not limited to: investor demand, competition from other segments, technological developments, and future outlooks regarding regulatory frameworks surrounding crypto assets. These factors can impact how much investors pay for crypto assets and how much they sell them in the future.

Crypto assets have also been increasing in value over the past few years, with some coins growing by more than 1,000% since 2017. However, this rapid growth has also led to a large amount of market speculation and manipulation, which can be challenging to track and assess.

3. Competitor asset’s pricing

Other cryptocurrencies have risen in value over time and are now more valuable than some of their competitors due to their popularity. However, these other cryptos have different characteristics, making them more appealing than other virtual assets. Competitor assets may also affect crypto asset prices by affecting investor confidence in these markets or creating uncertainty regarding their future performance (i.e., if one company goes bankrupt, what happens to all its shares?).

The current trend in crypto markets is for investors to buy low and sell high—the idea being that as long as you’re quick enough to sell your investment at the right time and get out before everyone else realizes what you just did, then you’ll be able to make a profit. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that they’re buying at an inflated price because they think they’re buying at an undervalued one.


Crypto markets have increased in recent years due to the growing popularity of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Some experts expect this trend to continue for at least two more years before leveling off (possibly even falling).

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