How to download and play free games on Nintendo Switch

How to change Nintendo Switch and play for free: the step by step guide to activate the mod on the console.

Did you buy Nintendo Switch but are the games too expensive? Quiet, the change for Nintendo Switch exists, and once the term ends allows you to play for free for many titles of the great N.

The Nintendo hybrid console has been on the market for just over a year and in a short time has been able to win the hearts of all fans, establishing several sales records. Many have wondered how to change the Nintendo Switch and what procedure must be done to get around the strict factory settings of the console and access an endless catalog of free games.

Of course, the procedure for modifying Nintendo Switch is not legal and indeed, corresponds to the concept of piracy: doing it goes against the law, and our advice is always to buy original games. However, if you are interested, even out of curiosity, this procedure, here’s how to activate the change to Nintendo Switch.

Change Nintendo Switch: how it works

The procedure to change Nintendo Switch and install games for free and always up-to-date might seem harder than expected but we can assure you that by following our instructions you will be able to complete the task.

Before proceeding with the modification, it is important to underline: once the operation is completed, you will no longer be able to play online with your Nintendo account, otherwise the company will have a lifetime ban; you can not upgrade your console or log in to the official Nintendo eShop (unless you choose to return the console to the original factory settings).

The change of Nintendo Switch will allow you to download, a bit ‘as happened on Nintendo 3DS, games in NSP format: it is, to make it short, the files of digital copy games on the eShop, which bypass the notifications of control for the regular possession of Nintendo games.

How to change Nintendo Switch

To change Nintendo Switch you will need, in addition to the console, a MicroSD, a C Type USB cable and the RCM mode. As for the software side, you will need an SDRoot folder in Zip format (downloadable here ) and TegraRCMGUI.

Once this is done, you will have to proceed with the preparation of the MicroSD (which will be inserted in the appropriate slot on the console, located under the small stand for the table mode). Create a folder called Nintendo and be sure to remove all superfluous material from the SD card (which we recommend a large capacity) so that there are no problems of overlapping programs.

Open the zip file SDRoot and copy the contents to the root of the MicroSD, making sure that your console is not connected to the internet (if so, deactivate the automatic connection via the settings menu).

Once this is done, extract the ReiNX file, even on the desktop of your PC, and insert the MicroSD into the console. Connect the console to the PC and start the RCM mode.

The RCM mode indicates the possibility of the console to enter the so-called hard mod: the procedure is simple and requires a paper clip, a USB Type-C cable and a PC. To understand how to do it, we let you watch the video below where the whole procedure is well exemplified.

Once in RCM mode, load the ReiNX file into the TegraRcmGUI program by clicking on the magnifying glass> selecting the ReiNX file> by clicking on Inject payload. Finally, you’re done. If the console does not start, rest assured: delete the file from the MicroSD and try repeating the procedure.

How to download free games on Nintendo Switch

Downloading games in NSP format for Nintendo Switch is easy and by searching on Google you will find different solutions (we remind you that such games bypass Nintendo policies and that if you do not want to see your account banned, the only thing to do is buy original titles).

To install the Nintendo Switch games in NSP format and play for free, copy the games, one connected the console to the PC, in \tinfoil\ nsp\ with a short file name (no more than 60 characters).

Start Nintendo Switch, always strictly disconnected to the internet, and in the gallery you will find the menu to install the downloaded titles: choosing the game, press A going to Title Management -> Install NSP -> choose the game file you want and the destination (MicroSD or internal memory).

Then a question will appear, Ignore Required Firmware Version, press No. Now in the main menu of Nintendo Switch you will see the installed games appear exactly like the original ones, without any difference.

Now everything is ready: to get back the original console proceeds with the forced reboot to the factory settings (perhaps ensuring a previous security backup).

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