Find your Apple ID if you forgot your login

Are you back in the world of Apple and you no longer remember your account? See how to discover and retrieve your Apple ID information if you have forgotten your login and no longer have access to the phone or other device you were connected to.

How to unlock an Apple ID

How to find your Apple ID login

If you still have an iPhone or iPad connected to your Apple ID, simply access your iOS settings and verify the address used in your account.

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Touch your name;
  3. Check the email that appears below the photo.

If you no longer have a device connected, you will need to check the information on the website:

  1. Go to;
  2. Below the field to enter your email and password, click on the option “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”;
  3. In the next step, click on “search for it“;
  4. Enter your name, last name and email that you believe is associated with the Apple ID;
  5. If the email is valid, the website will inform you that there is an Apple ID with this address;
  6. Then, simply reset the Apple ID password, using the retrieved email address.

To reset your Apple ID password:

Why not create another Apple ID if you already have one

Even if you already have an Apple ID, which does not remember your login, it is sometimes more convenient to create another account and start all over again.

However, an old account may still have important information stored, as in iCloud, for example, which allows you to save photos, contacts, files … Retrieving this information can be useful both to preserve it and to delete it from time to time. to eliminate the risk of a leak or exposure by hacking the account.

There’s still shopping. Those who used iOS in earlier times, must have come across purchases from the App Store or the iTunes Store. If the applications are still available in the store, when recovering the account, there will be no need to repurchase them.

The need to discover your Apple ID is even more evident if you have and use another company device. When using the same account, all information will be synchronized and centralized and the devices more integrated.