Top 5 Free Fitness Apps for Exercising at Home

Don’t have time to work out in gyms and drive to the other end of town for classes with a trainer? Can not afford the huge expenses on a gym membership, but you want to have a slender figure and healthy muscles? Then you should definitely pay attention to the rating of free apps. Literally the entire fitness room in your gadget – it’s worth it!

Free Fitness Apps for Exercising at Home

7 Minute Workout

The app makes working out as easy as playing at a Bitcoin casino because it was created by experts based on scientific research. They proved that even 7 minutes a day is enough to achieve the desired result with daily workouts. The advantages are that you work out at any convenient place, the exercises are practical and suitable for people with different levels of fitness. But if you don’t like the monotony of a 7-minute workout, here are a few more interesting applications.

Workout Trainer

With the help of the app, you will improve your physical fitness. The developers have taken care of a variety of courses that are suitable for both beginners and professionals who care about their bodies. You don’t even need any special equipment or uniforms, and you can work out anywhere you like. If any particular course or program you liked, you can add them to the tab “Favorites”. Each movement is accompanied by audio instructions.

Nike+Training Club

The app is chosen by both novice athletes and professionals. You can perform regular workouts and make your own fitness plans. Over 100 workouts are available to the user, you have the right to use any of them and alternate. The software is absolutely free.


It is not just an app – it is a separate social network where supporters of a healthy lifestyle and sports gather. There are several hundred elaborate and yet very simple instructions in the program, which will be understandable to beginners. Enter your information and wishes for the area you want to work on the most and the app will find the perfect workout for you.

Freeletics Bodyweight

The app is designed to help you organize your home workouts and fitness classes. You can easily adapt the program according to your wishes, training time and difficulty. Classes last from 15 to 40 minutes, including only exercises with your own weight. So there is no need for additional equipment.

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