How to delete your history on Instagram permanently

If your concern mainly searches you’ve made within the application, do not worry, you can delete them all in a simple way. It will take you at most three or four “taps”.

All you have to do is start the app, go to the settings menu and press the option to delete the Instagram history in the screen that opens. The changes will take effect immediately and then no one will be able to see the list of people, tags or places you’ve been looking for recently.

The only information that will remain available (but not directly visible) will be those that are stored remotely on Instagram servers, which serve to optimize the search results.

But we’ll talk about this later. Now let’s focus on the “classic” application history and see how to get rid of it on Android, iOS and Windows 10. In all cases, you’ll be quiet, it’s really a breeze, so let’s not lose further chatter and pass immediately action!

Delete Instagram history on Android

If you use an Android smartphone and want to delete the Instagram history, start the application and press the icon of ‘little man who is at the bottom right.

Then “tap” on the icon (…) located at the top right, scroll to the bottom of the screen that opens and select the item Clear search history. To confirm your desire to cancel the search history, press the Yes button, I confirm, and you’re done.

To verify that everything went the right way, go back to the main Instagram screen, select the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom left and scroll through the tabs related to people, hashtags and places: they should all be empty.

If you do not want to delete all the history but only some elements in it, press the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom left, select the search bar and locate the item to be removed from the history.

At this point, keep your finger pressed on the name, the hashtag or the location to remove, press the Hide button that appears below and you’re done.

If the elements in the individual tabs (People, Hashtag and Places) are not selectable, look for them on the All tab.

Delete Instagram history on iPhone

The procedure to delete Instagram history on iPhone is virtually identical to the one we have just seen together for Android. In addition to completely clearing the search history, you can delete names, hashtags or searched places without “affecting” other information.

To cancel all the searches done on Instagram, select the little man icon located at the bottom right (in the main menu of the application), “tap” on the gear icon located at the top of right and select the item Clear search history located at the bottom of the screen that opens. Then confirm by pressing the button Yes, I confirm and you’re done.

If you want to delete a single item from the history of Instagram without removing the rest, press the magnifying glass icon located at the top left, select the search bar located at the top and go to one of the tabs available on the screen that opens: Main where all recent research is collected; People where there are people recently searched; Tags where the hashtags searched for on Instagram are listed, or Locations where the places previously searched in the application are collected.

Then identify the item you want to remove from the history, keep your finger pressed on it and press the Hide button that appears below to confirm its cancellation. Easier than that?

Delete Instagram history on Windows 10

Instagram is also available as an application for tablets and computers equipped with Windows 10. To delete the history from the latter just follow the same procedure as previously seen for Android and iOS, or almost.

To delete all searches made within the app, select the icon of ‘little man which is at the bottom right to access the page of your personal profile. Then click on the gear located at the top right and proceed to delete the history pressing the button Delete the search history located in the left sidebar.

If you want to delete individual items from the history, select the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom left, locate the item to remove and make a long click on the latter.  Now click on the Hide button that appears at the bottom and you’re done.

Instagram is also accessible from the browser (by connecting to, but unfortunately in that version does not allow you to manage the elements in the history. This means that you can not use it to delete the searches you’ve made on your smartphone or tablet.

Can not delete the history of people searched on Instagram?

You probably noticed it too. If after deleting the Instagram history, type in the initials of a person you had previously searched for, this automatically reappears in the very first search results.

Unfortunately, it is a fairly well-known “problem” to which, at present, there is no solution. It occurs because Instagram automatically stores all the information that could make the searches more precise and efficient: the names of the people we have searched in the past, the profiles we have visited, the accounts we follow, etc.


This information resides on the cloud – so much so that if you connect to Instagram from your computer or another smartphone they also appear there – and unfortunately, their cancellation is not allowed at the moment.

The only solution that you can adopt (if we want to define it) is to look for different profiles with the same initials of what you want to “obscure”, visit it and open several photos contained within it. This way the selected profile will gain more priority in the Instagram algorithms and will appear first in the search results.

For more information on Instagram and its history, consult the documentation available on the official website of the service.

Hope this will help you. For any question let us know in comments.

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