How to Make a Solar Charging Phone Case?

Charging a phone is very challenging, especially when you are traveling or during a power outage. This situation makes you more disappointed when you need to make an important call or any other task. Technology brings the solution through the solar system phone case to charge your phone in such situations. 

A solar phone case is the easiest way to get your phone charged when you don’t have any power source. General, solar-powered phone cases use the sunlight and turn them into electricity. The produced electricity helps to charge your phone directly. 

However, you will find this type of phone case on several marketplaces, but through this article, you will let you know how you can make a solar charging phone case on your own. So, stay with us and keep reading.

What Is a Solar-Powered Phone Case?

Solar-Powered Phone Case

A Solar Powered Phone Case is like a phone case with charging capability. This charger is completely eco-friendly, shockproof, waterproof, and does not overheat. Apart from protecting your phone, this type of case helps charge your phone using the sun rays. It contains a solar panel that helps to turn the sun’s rays into electricity to power your phone. This case includes a USB port for charging along with the mini port. Using a cable on the port, you can easily charge your phone.

Why You Need a Solar Charging Phone Case 

The lack of a power source can be a cause for disappointment,  especially when you are out of the house and want to communicate with others. In this situation, a solar-powered phone case could be a good option to charge your phone. This case is completely eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It helps to charge your phone using the sunlight anytime and anywhere. 

For people who face power crises frequently, solar-powered phone cases could be ideal for them. It helps to charge your mobile, tab, and iPad using the sun rays. Besides, those who spend most of the time outside of the home, such as fishermen, bikers, campers, and travelers, can carry solar-powered phone chargers with them to charge their phones. Additionally, some cases are integrated with flashlights which is another great for emergencies or walking in the night.

How Do Solar-Powered Phone Cases Work?

The solar module in the solar-powered phone case converts solar energy into electricity when it receives sunlight. Basically, the solar panel has several solar cells, which are also defined as photovoltaic cells. These cells are made from silicone; when the sun rays fall on the solar panel, it hits an electron free and forces the electrons out of the silicon junction.

As a result, the free-electron travels through the solar panel wire, causing electricity. A solar module works most efficiently in bright sunlight, but it can still work in cloudy conditions. When you simply plug in your phone, the generated electricity helps to charge your phone. It also acts as a buffer for your phone that filters out low and high power.

What You’ll Need to Make a Solar Charging Phone Case

Make a Solar Charging Phone Case

Before making a solar-powered phone case, you have to manage some tools. Below we have made a list of those tools that are required.

  • A solar panel (4-5 volts and 1-2 watts)
  • Hard plastic phone case
  • Epoxy
  • Hinge
  • Solder and soldering iron
  • PlastiDip in a spray bottle
  • Charging cable for your phone

How to Make a Solar Charging Phone Case

After collecting all the required tools, choose a perfect place so that you can make a solar charging phone case easily. For your help, below, we have provided a step-by-step guideline about making a solar charging phone case.

  • First, you have to cut the charging cable about 8 inches from the plug into the phone.
  • Remove the cable’s outer layer to separate the red and black wires because both are used for carrying electricity.
  • Plug the charging cord to your phone and connect the wires to the other end of the cable to the solar panel.
  • Join the hinges to the back of the solar and the phone using glue. The solar panel must be on the side of the phone when the hinge is open.
  • Wrap the front of the solar panel and the wires with tape. Spray on the complete phone case with PlastiDip. Put on another layer after 2-3 hours.
  • Solder the wires to the solar panel with the corresponding wire in the charging cable using solder and a soldering iron.
  • Place a few drops of epoxy on each wire so that they stay out of the way and stick the wires behind the solar panel.

Tips When Making a Solar Charging Phone Case

Here we have pointed out some tips that you should follow while making a solar charging phone case.

  • Move the hinges frequently to avoid them from sticking after applying the glue. 
  • Measure the solar panel output voltage and watt using a multimeter unless it could damage your phone. 
  • Before gluing, cover the wide area using newspaper that will prevent you from sticking to the wrong places.
  • Don’t cut down the phone case if it isn’t essential.
  • Put the solar panel under the bright lights, as they required ultraviolet light from the sun.

Can I Purchase a Solar-Powered Phone Case and What to Consider Before Buying One

You will find several solar charging phone cases on the marketplace, but you have to choose the suitable case that will be perfect for your phone. Below we have described what you should consider before purchasing a solar charging phone case.


A strong case can protect your phone’s screen from scratches or external glitches. That’s why try to choose a case that is made from ABS with a high-quality IP. This type of case protects your phone from water, snow, dust, and shocks. So, you should check the case’s durability from the product description.

Solar Panel Quality

A solar panel contains solar cells on the surface that capture the sun’s rays. The production of electricity mainly depends on solar cells. Make sure your solar panel is efficient in conversion to electricity. Most solar panels have four panels which makes them more useful.

Device Compatibility

Make sure your solar case is compatible with different devices so that you can charge many devices simultaneously. Although most cases are only compatible with the iPhone, you can use other devices with an adapter. This will also assist you to save your money.

Easy to Use

Some cases are very tight to insert or remove on the phone causing damage to your phone. Besides, it leads to scratches and harm to your screen. That’s why ensure that the case is easy to remove and insert on your phone.

The Downside of a Solar Powered Phone Case

Downside of a Solar Powered Phone Case

With lots of advantages of the solar-powered phone case, it has a few disadvantages that you have to consider and compromise. For example, a solar charging phone case will not work efficiently if it can’t get sufficient sunlight. This problem rarely occurs, especially at night or on cloudy days, causing low charging errors on the phone screen. Besides, a solar-powered phone case may take an average of 5-7 hours to fully charge your phone, whereas an AC charger takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to do the same thing.


Whether you are a world traveler or a wild camper, the solar charging phone case will always help you charge your phone. It gives you peace of mind that your phone will never turn off due to the lack of charge. Using sunlight, you will charge your phone, which is completely eco-friendly and easy to use.

However, through this article, we have tried to know how you can make a solar charging phone case. Following the simple process discussed above, you can make the case. Besides, if you want, you can buy a solar-powered phone case from the marketplace by considering the factors we mentioned. These factors will help you to find the best solar case for your phone.

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