Instagram registration: how to create a new Instagram account

Instagram is a very popular social network on which users can share photos and videos made with their smartphone.

Why is it so successful?

Because you can customize photos, as well as videos with many vintage effects, which allows you to give an artistic touch even the most mundane shots before publishing them.

Another factor that has contributed to the diffusion of this app is its transversal compatibility. Instagram is available for all major mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

But it doesn’t work just here but you also can also use it via a browser, but where it does not allow the upload of new content (only allows you to manage your account and view photos already on the service).

It is also worthy of note that it gives support to various social networks, first of all Facebook which acquired Instagram in 2012, through which it is possible to share their shots with friends in very few “taps”.

What do you say? Does this service intrigue you? Do you also want to find out how to register on Instagram?

Well, then give me two minutes of time and I’ll explain how to do it.

The procedure is practically the same on all platforms, so do not waste time checking the model of your smartphone or the operating system that is installed on it, and get to work immediately!

Register on Instagram via smartphone

The first step you need to take to register on Instagram– of course it is – is to download the social network app on your mobile phone.

Then take your smartphone and access the App StoreGoogle Play or Windows Phone Store(depending on whether you have an iPhone, an Android phone or a Windows Phone) to search Instagram through the appropriate search bar.

Then tap on the name of the application in the search results and download it by pressing the appropriate download button.

When the operation is finished, go back to the main menu of your mobile phone and start Instagram by pressing on its icon (the camera with the colors of the sunset as a background).

In the screen that opens, select the entry Do not have an account? Sign up below and follow the registration process.

You can choose to register with Instagram using your email address, your phone number or your Facebook account.

If you want to subscribe by e-mail or mobile number, tap “Subscribe” using the e-mail address and phone number, select the E-mail or Phone tab from the screen that opens and fill out the form that you are proposed by typing your e-mail address or your mobile number.

Then, press the Next button and fill out the other form that is proposed to you by typing your full name, the password which you want to use to access Instagram and set a photo for your public profile.

Have you filled your whole details?

So now its time for tap the Next button, set the username you want to use on the social network and press again on Next to complete the creation of your account.

If you decide to access Instagram via Facebook, tap on the appropriate button, authorize access to the service to your account and set profile photo and username as explained above for the registration procedure via email or phone number.

Have you registered yourself on Instagram?

Now the app will ask you to invite to import contacts from social networks and from the phone book increase their circle of friends.

So you will find yourself in front of a couple of screens where Instagram will ask you to find your Facebook friends and find contacts to follow by importing them from the address book of Android, iOS or Windows Phone: it’s up to you whether to accept or press on the option Skip and bypass these steps.

Have you invited your friends?

Now Instagram will show you a list of recommended profiles, among the most popular ones of the moment. To add them to your feed, and then view their photos and their videos on the main Instagram screen, press the Follow button located next to their name.

When you have finished selecting the profiles to follow, press the checkmark located at the top right and start sharing your shots and your videos with friends. How? We’ll explain it to you right away.

To post your content on Instagram, press the icon of the Camera present in the bottom of the screen. Then choose whether to take a picture in real time, by selecting the photo below the center.

If you want to post a photo which is already in your gallery then select the gallery tab located at the bottom left and select your photos. And now Click on upload and congrats you are done.

Do you want to share your video with your friends? Then don’t worry just select the Video tab located at the bottom right.

If you want to upload videos from your gallery then follow the same procedure as we followed for photos.

Once you have created (or selected) a photo or a video to post on Instagram, choose which filters to apply to the latter and which tools to use (eg image rotation, contrast adjustment etc.) and proceed with the publication by pressing on the arrow located at the top right.

On the next screen, you can add a description and hashtags to your photo (or your video) and let us activate the sharing functions on FacebookTwitter etc.

To learn more run to read our guides on how to post on Instagram and how to have more like on Instagram, in this way you will start immediately great!

To find new people to follow on Instagram, go to the Search section of the app (the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom left), look for photos dedicated to the topics of your interest and/or take a look at the most popular photos of the moment (those that are initially shown on the screen).

To customize the information of your profile, however, press the icon of ‘little man placed at the bottom right and presses the button Edit your profile.

In the screen that opens you can change the name, you can include the address of your website, a brief description of yourself (biography) and more.

Register on Instagram from a PC

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to access and “browse” the contents of the service on the PC. If you want to take advantage of this possibility to create your account on Instagram without using your smartphone, proceed following instructions we are about to give you.

The first step you need to take is to connect to from your computer and fill out the form on the right.

Then type your email address, your name and the combination of username and password you wish to use to access the service and click on the Subscribe button to proceed.

If you want to do it quickly, you can also click on the Login with Facebook button and log in via your Facebook profile.

In the page that opens, click on the (+) button you see at the top to upload your profile picture and choose which account to follow by using the suggestions below.

If you want, you can also search for photos of your interest using the search bar located at the top center and view the most popular content of the moment by clicking on the compass icon located at the top right.

At the top right you will also find the icon of the heart, through which you can view the comments and likes obtained from your posts on Instagram, and the icon of ‘little man that will allow you to customize your profile.

As mentioned above you can not upload photos or videos, for that you have to use the official Instagram app from your smartphone.

If you want to know more about how Instagram works on your computer, read our tutorial on how to use Instagram on your PC.