Is Bluestacks safe to use for Windows or Mac PC

BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators for PC, if not the most. It is something like having a virtual mobile or tablet on Windows or Mac PC, so you can play mobile games from the PC, using the keyboard and mouse.

BlueStacks specializes in games, including several added perks such as the ability to open multiple games at once. Excited by features and you decided to Install on PC.

But before installing, are you afraid if it is legal and safe to Install BlueStacks? In this guide, we will answer this and other important privacy and security questions below.

Bluestacks safe

Is BlueStaks legal?

BlueStacks developed by a totally legal company (BlueStacks Inc) and with the official website Therefore we are talking about completely legal software that offers an open-source product that meets a minimum of quality.

So the answer is yes, it is legal.

Running Android on a PC is legal?

The BlueStacks working mode allows a machine like a PC to emulate the behavior and execution of a different operating system such as Android in this case. This is known as a Virtualization process, which is completely legal today, which does not represent any type of problem.

Bluestacks is it safe?

It is 100% safe to use. It acts as a virtual machine, it is entirely your responsibility to make sure you install only trusted applications from inside the Google Play store. Third-party apps and software that may include malicious software or malware, so if you don’t download apps or games from an official source (Google Play), you run the risk of unconsciously installing viruses or malware, that can influence the operation of your operating system or browser. So our recommendation is that you always download the apps from Google Play and thus you will avoid any possible risk.

What is the Bluestacks legal framework?

As we are talking about a virtualization process, we consider that our legality framework enters within the Android system itself, that is, we must respect legality within the operating system in the same way that we do it from our mobile terminal. This means that all anti-piracy and other laws and regulations can be applied in the same way, so you should be careful with this.


After reading this guide hope you have answers to your question now and have reached to a decision. Let us know in the comment what is your opinion about this topic.