Measure distance with iphone camera in iOS 12

How to take measurements with iPhone thanks to iOS 12. How to use iPhone to take measures of distances, rooms, pictures and objects. Measure distances with the iPhone camera

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Take measurements and measure distances with iPhone, iOS 12 and Measure app

Are you looking for an app to take measurements at home? Do you want an app to measure objects with iPhone? 

By exploiting augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence, it is possible to measure distances using the smartphone camera. And today on the iPhone is even easier thanks to the Measure app. Let’s see how it is used and how it works.

As anticipated, iOS 12 has introduced a big news on all the iPhone: we are talking about the app Measure, which exploiting Augmented Reality allows you to use the phone as a tool to measure distances. 

If you’ve already downloaded and installed iOS 12, then, I’m sure you’ve already seen the new “Measure” feature, which allows you to make the most disparate measurements of distances and dimensions of objects simply by pointing your smartphone towards the wall or the object to be measured.

If you’ve already started using the Measure app on iOS 12, this article will give you some tips to get the most out of it. If you’ve never used the Measure app on iOS 12, we’ll explain how to do it later.

But now enough with the chatter, let’s see how to use iPhone to take measurements of distances, rooms, rooms, areas and various objects. 

The only requirement, of course, is that you have an iPhone updated to iOS 12 and the Measure app installed on your smartphone. 

Now let’s proceed!

App to measure distances with the iPhone phone camera: Measure

First of all you need to open the app, which is on the Home, next to all the others. The app as anticipated will appear automatically after the installation of iOS 12, so you will not need to download it from the App Store.

At the first start it will be sufficient to follow the indications on the screen and move the iPhone for the room so that it can calibrate correctly and obtain the exact measurements of the various objects present.

Once the calibration is complete, you will be ready to measure the objects you are interested in.

Specifically, to make a measurement, it will be sufficient:

  • align the white dot inside the circle (a kind of viewfinder) with the angle of an object
  • press the “+” button to create a first anchor point
  • from this, the frame must be moved to the opposite edge of the object to be measured, by pressing “+” again to create a second anchor point
  • so on until the desired object is measured in full.

You will notice yourself that during the measurement you will be assisted by tactile feedback, so you can feel small taps every time you set an anchor point.

The app also automatically recognizes when there is an obstacle like the wall.

To cancel the anchor points and start again at any time, simply touch the key to cancel the operation.

Once all measurements have been completed, simply touch the white camera shutter button to take a picture that will display all the measurements of the object you are measuring.

I add that you can also touch the arrow of one of the measures to get a pop up the numbers present, so as to copy them in the clipboard and then in a new app (if for example you have to share the measures on WhatsApp, Messenger, Notes or other).

Automatic measurements with the iPhone Measure app

I would also add that, for some square-shaped objects, it is also possible to take advantage of a fully automatic measurement.

In these cases it will be enough to frame the object to be measured and keep the iPhone in front of it.

The phone will do everything automatically and will give you quite accurate measurements of the object (sometimes the app losts a few centimetres).

Level in the Measure app of the iPhone

But it does not end here!

Thanks to iOS 12, the Measure app also turns iPhone into a level.

To use it, after opening the Measure app, simply click on the level icon located at the bottom right next to the option to measure.

At this point you can keep the iPhone both in a vertical position, that horizontal, and see the exact indications on the screen of how straight it is, for example, a painting. And here in an instant you also solved the problem of pictures and furniture crooked at home.

Easy, simple, fast and free!

App to measure distances with the Android phone camera

If you want to have the same measurement and leveling capabilities even on your Android smartphone, you can try these apps available for free on the Play Store:

Free laser meter app for iPhone

This article is everything for this article. See you next time!