5 Movies That Correctly Predicted Future Technology

Some readers might be surprised to learn that all their movie favorites have been eerily accurate in predicting future technological advancements.

Movies That Correctly Predicted Future Technology

From full-body scanners at airports, Siri-like artificial intelligence beings, to the use of military drones. Sci-Fi and futuristic movie creators have certainly played a significant part in predicting some of the tech that we use today and some that are on the cards soon – though if we’re dealing with cards, no movie predicted the rise of online casino games becoming a standard by industry leaders like Betway.

Some of these predictions might not all be favorable, but there is no denying that they have dramatically impacted our daily lives. If you are a movie buff that enjoys these types of movies, you would have come to know that they are ahead of time, and the creative genius behind these movies is the future of technology. The question is, who are the rightful people to get credit for these ingenious ideas?

Even TV shows like The Simpsons boast no less than ten of these advancements. Read on to discover more about five movies that had correctly predicted future technology way ahead of time and before they existed in real life.

1. Back to the Future – Part II – 1989

The advancement of vehicles such as hoverboards and flying cars have not been invented as yet. But this movie has predicted the use of wearable tech such as eyewear from which humans will be able to make and receive calls.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968

Far ahead of its time, this film plot sees producer Stanley Kubrick accurately predicting the use of artificial intelligence beings such as Siri and video calling being used. Up to date, Siri has had no murderous thoughts and has served humans well.

This movie also predicted that humans would be making use of space travel between galaxies in the future. This has not been realized yet, but people like South African-born Elon Musk are hard at work to make it a reality.

3. Airplane II: The Sequel – 1982

This movie accurately predicted the use of full-body scanners that have become a norm at airports worldwide. One can’t help to wonder if the future developers of these technological advancements take to movies for inspiration.

4. The Terminator – 1984

Very few movie enthusiasts might remember, but this movie predicted and pioneered military drone technology in the mid-80s. Today it is an everyday occurrence, and it is not only limited to military use only.

Agricultural companies, restaurateurs, and other companies also make use of this technology nowadays.

5. Total Recall – 1990

Movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in this 1990’s futuristic blockbuster movie. Avid Arnie fans will recall (pun intended) the use of self-driving cars by a robotic Uber driver called Johnny Cab.

Many companies such as Google and Tesla are vying for the honors in becoming the first self-drive car manufacturer. We might have a way to go before this becomes part of our daily lives as Betway is for some, but it has been on the cards for quite a while nonetheless and is definitely a reality in the very near future.

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