Open PST File Without Outlook: Here are 4 Free Software

In this article, we will discover the best 4 free software to open PST files without Outlook. Thanks to these applications, you can now open the native format of the Microsoft mail client, without having to use Outlook.

This is a very useful loophole, in case you have chosen to use other mail clients. In addition, all the programs we’ll see today are totally free and allow you to import these files with a truly disconcerting ease. You can also view the attached files, or choose to display only the body of the email.

List of programs to manage PST attachments

Kernel Outlook PST Viewer

Kernel Outlook PST Viewer is probably the best free software to open PST files without Outlook. This is because it allows you to view this format, even if the file should be corrupted (and unfortunately it happens often). You can also add only one PST file at a time, or open several files of this format simultaneously.

This is because the program offers you a section that acts like a real folder container. In addition to these important functions, you can also view attachments, or search for a specific email thanks to the internal search engine. If you choose to upgrade to the paid version, you can also save the PST files in a different format (TXT, PDF, HTML and so on).

SysTools Outlook PST Viewer

The second program on our list is SysTools Outlook PST Viewer. It is another free software to open PST files without Outlook very practical and shipped. Basically this application has the same functionality as Kernel Outlook PST Viewer: so it allows you to upload multiple PST files together, to view the different folders, to hierarchize the emails and so on.

It must be said, however, that graphically SysTools is organized in a very intelligent way: in practice, each mail in PST has a special section for attachments, which allows you to view them quickly and easily. And then there are all the classic features of email clients, like the calendar.

BitRecover PST Viewer

BitRecover PST Viewer is a very simple free software, designed for those who do not need to take advantage of very complex options. Just open its interface, add a PST file, insert it in a folder and you’re done. Obviously it does not give up the basic options of e-mail clients, such as folders and labels.

And it also has the option to view emails and attachments separately. But it also has some limitations: for example, you can not upload more than one PST file at a time. And there are a number of useful features like the notes, the contact list and the calendar. Finally, you can use this client only to view PST files.

Free PST Viewer

Free PST Viewer is another good option in the field of free software to open PST files without Outlook. Specifically, this program lets you add PST files, check the list of emails, and view their contents. You can also sort the emails according to the date or time of receipt.

Unfortunately, Free PST Viewer has a great limitation: it does not allow you to view attachments, and there is not even a preview function. Also, you can only add one PST file at a time. In contrast, here you will find some functions such as calendar, notes and contacts. If you do not need to view attachments, this software is ideal because it is very light.

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