Record Skype calls in Mac and iPhone

Skype’s Mac, iOS and Android versions now offer call recording. The functionality will also be available for Windows with a future update.

Microsoft has said that the Mac, iOS and Android versions now offer call recording. Strangely this feature is not yet available for Windows but the company has made it known that this feature will arrive in the coming weeks.

In a blog post about the product, the company explains that call recording is completely cloud-based. By activating the recording function, all the users involved in the call (group video calls are supported), the recording of the call/video call is notified and initiated. In addition to the call, any shared screens are also recorded. At the end of the recording it is possible to save and share everything within 30 days.

As mentioned, the call recording feature is available both in the desktop and in the mobile version of Skype. To start recording on the desktop version of Skype just click on the “+” symbol that appears in the lower screen of the program and choose “Start recording”. Similar operation with the mobile version of Skype: just choose “+” and then the round symbol dedicated to recording. In both cases, a banner appears on the screen to alert users involved in the call. Once completed, registration is available in your chat for 30 days. All the people who took part in the video call can save the file locally or share the recording with other contacts for 30 days, just like any other file shared with the group. A context menu allows you to download, remove or forward the recording (a file in Mp4 format). The Mac version of Skype is downloaded from this address; the one for iOS (iPad and iPhone) from the App Store.

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