Super useful yet relatively unknown websites on web 2018

Useful sites

Let’s see together a collection of useful sites available online, you can also suggest a website in the comments of this article!

Let’s start by seeing these websites in alphabetical order:

123Apps | Collection of tools for managing PDF, audio and video. Allows you to edit all these files by cutting, merging and much more!

17track | Enter the track code find the courier and the package location automatically!

Archive | It’s a sort of online time machine for websites. It allows you to review a website on any date in past.

Bounce It allows you to take a screenshot of an ENTIRE web page simply by inserting the link of it in the appropriate space on the site.

CloudHQ Allows synchronization between various online clouds. It gives us the opportunity to exchange our Google Drive saves on Dropbox for example. It supports many websites.

Compress | Do you want to reduce the size of a JPG, PNG or PDF file? This site allows you to do it without losing quality | It allows you to write some text to share with whoever you want. | Allows you to create and save online any type of diagram, with some models ready or starting from scratch.

Emkei | You can send fake emails by simulating another address and also attaching files.

Fakewhats | Allows you to recreate fake chat on Whatsapp! Useful for creating funny Facebook posts or jokes.

FreemyPDF | It allows you to unlock PDF files that can not be edited, thus allowing them to be edited. It does not remove passwords.

Lmgtfy | How many times have you asked questions to which a simple online search would be enough to have an answer? Now you can make it clear to those who disturb you. How to use Google’s internet search.

Getemoji | Do you need an emoji? You can find and copy them from this site, there are hundreds of them!

Getnotify | Email track Service. Have you sent an email and want to know if it has been opened? This site allows you to do it!

HackerTyper | Just press any random key to look like a real programmer. Use it while someone looks at you, you will make a great impression!

Homestyler | Create your own 3D house model … a bit like you’re from IKEA?

Project Alexandria | Do you love reading books? Then try this site and do not stop using it.

Random | Extract everything with randomness.

Regex All information on image files.

Temp-email Create temporary emails to register online on any site. Allows only to receive and not to send.

Tntrip | The best site to download files. torrent.

Unblockweb | Access any obscured website in your country.

VirusTotal How many times have you downloaded a file but are you afraid it is a virus? Just upload it to this website that will scan it for you! Online antivirus?

Watermark | It allows you to insert images and text in transparency on one or more images. | Resolves questions and calculations, whether it is a mathematical calculation, a picture of a task or a question.

Wopzip Unzip zip files online, easy and secure.

XDA | The forum par excellence for your Android devices. Do you have a problem or do you want to search among the already proposed topics? You will surely find the answer you are looking for.

Do you know other useful sites that would deserve to be on this list? Write it in the comments.