How to trade Pokémons in Pokémon Go

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It took a while for Pokémon Go to implement a system of exchanges between trainers. In other games, the function is essential for the evolution of some Pokémon, while in the mobile game it is more of a resource to share experiences or try to get a Lucky Pokémon, which cost less to strengthen.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Exchanges

For the exchanges to happen in Pokémon Go, it is necessary that two people, level 10 or higher, are friends in the game and are close (it will not work if each one is at your home).

In the process, an amount of Star Dust is spent, which varies depending on the Pokémon. Niantic says that the more coveted the Pokémon is for the exchange, the greater the amount of the element used (more on that below).

To switch to Pokémon Go:

  1. Touch your character’s avatar to open the profile page;
  2. Access the friends tab;
  3. Touch the friend you want to trade with (it must be within 100 meters of you);
  4. Touch “Swap”;
  5. As soon as your friend enters the trading room, you will need to choose the Pokémon you want to send to him. When selecting, depending on the level of your friend, the Pokémon may suffer a nerf or a buff (become weaker or stronger).
  6. Tap “Next” to confirm the Pokémon;
  7. Touch “Confirm” to start the exchange.

It is on this last screen that Star Dust information and Pokémon characteristics are described for both players. Legendary Pokémon or shinies (shiny) cost more to trade.


Is there a limit to exchange?

It depends.

Special exchanges – those of legendary Pokémon, shinies or species that you have not yet registered with Pokédex – can be made once a day.

Mythical Pokémon, such as Mew and others that have been previously traded, cannot participate in the exchanges.

Pokémon Go exchange costs

The rarer the Pokémon, the higher the cost of Star Dust. However, these values ​​can be reduced, it all depends on the level of friendship between you and your friend.

Exchanges / FriendshipBeautiful Friendship (1 day)Great Friendship (7 days)Ultra Friendship (30 days)Unique friendship (90 days)
Common Pokémon1008084
Special Pokémon caught20,00016,0001,600800
Special Pokémon not caught1,000,000800,00080,00040,000

As you play together, up to a maximum of 90 days, the level of friendship between you increases. In addition to reducing costs for exchanges, the relationship can evolve into a Lucky Friendship and thereby transform the exchanged Pokémon into a Lucky Pokémon.

Lucky Pokémon

When exchanging with a friend, chances are that the received Pokémon will be transformed into a Lucky Pokémon. The advantage is that it consumes less Star Dust when strengthened.

The chances of getting a Lucky Pokémon are greater depending on the time you spend with the Pokémon. The longer his capture time, the greater the chance.

When exchanging with my friend, his Diglett was made Lucky with me, because he was captured in 2016.

Lucky Pokémon

A Lucky Pokémon can also come from a Lucky Friendship, which is obtained when you complete the hearts on the Friends page, playing together for 90 days. Upon obtaining the title “Friendship without equal” the next Pokémon to be exchanged has a 100% chance of becoming Lucky.

With information: Niantic Support12GamesRadar