How to use Alexa to buy on Amazon Echo

The Alexa is not only to listen to music, view recipes, set reminders or ask jokes… The function of a virtual assistant is to help in basic tasks. Just as a Kindle allows you to buy books directly on the device, Alexa allows you to make purchases on Amazon directly through Echo. Learn how to enable.

Echo Dot

Before everything

Before purchasing on Amazon with Alexa, it is necessary to configure the account through the application to enable the feature.

  1. Open the Alexa application on the phone;
  2. On the home screen, tap to open the side menu;
  3. Select “Settings”;
  4. Touch “Account settings”;
  5. Go to “Voice shopping”;
  6. Enable voice purchase with Alexa.

On this same screen, you can define a numeric password of four numbers that will be requested when finalizing the purchase by voice.

The payment method and delivery address will be the ones set as default in the Amazon account on the website.

How to buy on Amazon with Alexa

All you have to do is ask. For example:

Alexa, search for ITEM on Amazon.

It will inform you of the main result and, when there is more than one similar item, it will add some options to the cart so that the order is finalized on the website or application.

When you are sure about the item you want, ask her to add it to the cart:

Alexa, add ITEM to my cart.

Then, you can complete the purchase. To be sure of the value of your cart, ask “what is the value of my cart?” for the virtual assistant. Obviously, if you have an Echo Show (with screen), the whole process is easier – however, if you are going to use a device with a screen, why not your cell phone?

The sequence will look something like this:

  • “Alexa, search for X”
    Wait for her to inform the result, try different combinations until you find the desired product;
  • “Alexa, add X to my cart”
    Now that she knows the name of the product, ask her to add this product to the cart;
  • “Alexa, what is the value of my cart” You
    can use this command to confirm the product value of the items added to the cart;
  • “Alexa, close order”
    If there is a code, it will be asked to close the purchase.

Other options to search for specific products is to ask Alexa to repurchase an item, she will ask you what you want to buy based on your last orders.

For example, I always buy batteries in the store, so I say “Alexa, I would like to repurchase an item on Amazon”, when asked which item, I only inform “batteries”. She will place the item in my cart.

Also ask “what are my offers?” To find out what’s on sale on Amazon for you. After informing the item, Alexa will ask if you want to add it to the cart.