What is Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate

The Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft subscription service for owners of Xbox One or PC. It offers access to a catalog of free games, works like Netflix, only for games. The Ultimate version of the service also includes the benefits of Xbox Live Gold. Find out more below.

Xbox Game Pass

What is Xbox Game Pass

It is a subscription service that gives access to a game library at no extra cost, for the Xbox One. Microsoft says that there are more than 100 titles included in the catalog, for the whole family, at the time I wrote this post, the list already has 396 games – between PC and Console.

There are three Xbox Game Pass plans:

  1. Xbox Game Pass for Console: It costs $9.99 per month and gives access only to games for Xbox One;
  2. Xbox Game Pass for PC: Costs $14.99 per quarter, with games only for Windows PC ;
  3. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Costs $14.99 and gives access to both the Xbox One and PC library and also includes the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

The Xbox Live Gold is another Microsoft subscription service for owners of Xbox One and Xbox 360. With it, online multiplayer is enabled, access to store promotions and the possibility to download up to four free games every month, chosen by Microsoft.

Is it worth signing up for Xbox Game Pass?

It depends. At first I would say yes. If you are new to the console, you should certainly have many titles in this library that will please you – in fact, this is something to take into account, if the titles on the list are interesting for your taste.

The value of the Xbox Game Pass subscription is very low, compared to the price of an individual game, which easily comes to around $75. Of course, not all of the catalog are titles in the $75 range, budget, but for $9.99 per month you can accumulate many hours of gameplay.

Otherwise, if you don’t have as much time to play and explore the library, it may be more interesting to focus on the titles you already know and buy them individually. After all, nobody subscribes to Netflix not to watch.

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