Why You should get yourself a PhotoStick for iPhone

When it comes to transferring, organizing, and saving up all of your photos,videos, documents and music to your computer there are but a few ways to go about it.With the new gadgets being released to help you when it comes to that, a PhotoStick can come in handy making it easy to backup all of your pictures and videos without having to worry about running out of space on your iPhone ever again.

So what is a PhotoStick you may ask? The Photo Stick for an iPhone is a small, USB thumb drive built specifically to make your work easier when it comes to the export of your stuff from your phone in a safe and secure way in its memory.The PhotoStick once plugged in goes through your phone, searches up to your photographs, and immediately saves the ones that you need to be saved. You don’t need much knowledge of gadgets to use The Photo Stick for iPhone as it basically works itself.

A PhotoStick can be purchased in different sizes varying from 8 GB to 128 GB.And the bigger space, the more it can save and also the more the price. The 8 GB worth of storage can save up to 3,500 photographs and videos.The 64 GB worth of storage can keep up to 30,000 photographs and videos. Meanwhile the largest one of 128 GB worth of storage can hold a maximum of 60,000 pictures and videos.

So what are the advantages of using a PhotoStick?

  • ACCESSIBLE:The PhotoStick is made to be used by anyone.Even the computer-illiterate can find using it a simple task.
  • SECURE: To avoid the hustle and tussle of losing your pictures and videos while transferring and saving them, just back them all up using the PhotoStick for iPhone. Keep everything safe from computer crashes or viruses by doing the regular backup using it.
  • STORAGE SPACE:The device offers quite enough space with a terabyte holding a couple of hundreds of thousands worth of pictures or videos.It will take a while to ever run out of space as most people never do.A lot of people won’t use all of the space up and if they think, they can always opt for the 64 GB version of it.
  • RELIABLE:The gadget is very easy to use without bringing up any troubleshooting problems. It can last long and is designed to not be so complicated so there should be little to no reason for it to malfunction or stop working at all.
  • FAST:The product can scan up and load about 1000 pictures and videos in about ten minutes.This makes it very fast compared to other gadgets that are available right now in the market.A transferring task that would normally take hours to complete is made easy and fast by the PhotoStick.It works lightning fast without making you have to compromise on anything.
  • MULTIPURPOSE:The device can work on more than just the pictures and videos. It can also scan and back up other files and documents with just as much speed.

And now to look at the pros and cons of the PhotoStick.


  • It’s easy and light to carry.
  • Offers up a lot of storage specs
  • Files can be backed up on a regular basis.
  • It’s less handy and can work automatically without requiring a lot of effort.
  • Searches and locates all wanted files in just a few minutes.
  • Easy to find and buy from the internet or local stores.
  • Saves uptime. All you need to do is plug it into a device of your choice, click GO, and let The PhotoStick do all the work by itself.
  • The Photo Stick is well priced considering all the time and effort it takes away from you.


  • Only 3 sizable options are available.The 8 GB 64 GB and 128 GB
  • There are some reviews that might state that The Photo Stick might be better used with a PC than a Mac.
  • The Photo Stick doesn’t allow you to specify which files you want to save.So it might end up double saving the pictures.

With the above, you can see that, there are several pros as well as cons of using the photo stick. The choice of whether to go for it is in your hands. But since the pros tend to outweigh the cons, most people tend to grab it. With the improvement in technology, it is important you move with the trend and embrace what is new in the market. You will be able to save yourself the agony that comes with neglecting to use a media that can give you the best backup option.