YouTube Copyright Match Tool is the new feature that allows you to protect videos from the Copy by analyzing each uploaded video. Here’s what it is and how it works.

YouTube Copyright Match Tool: Protect videos from the copy

YouTube intensifies video controls and wants to prevent unauthorized copying and give the right author the merit of uploading the original video. The new YouTube Copyright Match Tool feature allows you to check each uploaded video and verify that it is unique on the platform, preventing distribution to other profiles and assigning monetization to the original author.

The operation of Copyright Match Tool improves what the Content ID does, which in practice checks a video and verifies that it has not already been loaded on the platform and offers the possibility to attribute the gains to those who loaded the video first.

Unfortunately, the function checks the video in full, and not single pieces thus offering partial protection and therefore a limitation that we believe should be extended to a few minutes to be correct.

The activation of the Copyright Match Tool will be launched next week for channels with more than 100,000 subscribers and then should be available to all members only in the coming months. Furthermore, at the moment the function is active only in the USA.