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Do Not Disturb mode in Windows 10 is getting better and better


Microsoft is constantly improving Windows 10 to give its users the best experience and features they need.

As a result of their efforts, the new versions have brought significant improvements and some new features that please everyone. The latest version of the Insiders program brought an improvement that responds to what was to be asked. The Do Not Disturb mode, known as Quiet Hours, has been revamped and has many improvements. However, of course this build has many more new features.

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It was in their blog dedicated to Windows 10 in which Microsoft detailed all the news that build 17074 brings and that all Insiders can now try. This release continues the developments prepared for the next major release of Windows 10, which is expected to come out near spring.

The focus is already on the improvement and consolidation of the jobs that have to be done. So there are many improvements in usability and reading experience within Windows 10.

Quiet Hours news

This is not a new feature in Windows 10, it has been existing for some time. It is possible to define the time in which we want it to become automatically active and prevent notifications or other distractions from disturbing us.

This mode automatically activates whenever we are duplicating the screen, in a presentation, or when we are in a full-screen game using DirectX.

Quiet Hours

Near Share was improved

This build also has improvements in Near Share, the mode of sharing between Windows machines. This is being prepared for Redstone 4 and with this update it gets closer to being ready.

Near Share

Near Share can already be used by all Insiders, but only between machines that are in this latest build.

Edge and Windows 10 enhancements

Edge has also been optimized in the new build of Windows 10. This time the focus was on EPUBs, PDFs and other documents, as well as the synchronization of reading progress and notes between devices.

All these new features and improvements will continue to be developed in the coming months, preparing to be released in the next major update of Windows 10. Until then, if you want to test them, you just need to join the Insiders program.

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