10 most important features of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad that you must know

Are you using iPhone or iPad?

Then this article is for you. Here is the list of 10 most useful iOS 11 features that you must aware of.

1. Wi-Fi sharing

If you have an iPhone or iPad and a friend arrives at home who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Then you no longer need to search for a password by entering it manually.In fact, if iPhone sees that another iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network, it sends a message on the display of the one already connected. It will ask if it wants to share the password with the one not yet connected; in this way, it avoids entering the password.

2. Live photos to all devices

In the past, if you took a motion picture with iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, it would only remain in motion on your iPhone.

With iOS 11 you can send it to anybody, even Android devices, on which it will be displayed as animated gifs.

3. You can connect cameras to iPhone

The NFC chip, which is used to use Apple Pay, was opened with iOS 11 for connections to other devices, especially cameras.

This means that, with iOS 11, transferring photos from camera to iPhone will be much faster than in the past.

4. One Hand Keyboard

Pressing the button on the lower right of the iPhone keyboard, which is used to hide the keyboard, you can activate the keyboard in one hand, i. e. move all the keys left or right of the screen.

This allows better typing with one hand.

5. Recording the iPhone screen

With iOS 11, you can record your iPhone screen by customizing the control center.

In this way you can do what you want while iPhone will shoot everything and create a video, which then we can share. Especially useful for reviews and tutorials.

6. QR codes

Finally, the iOS camera will be able to bypass QR codes.

In practice, by scanning a code, the camera will recognize it automatically. For saving the photo, it will open Safari on the QR code page, without having external apps.

7. Freehand writing on iBooks

PDFs can also be included in the Apple iBooks app.

With iOS 11 it is also possible to write freehand on those PDFs, something that in the past could not be done; try to put a crossword puzzle and you will understand how cute this novelty is, or you can create documents.

With iPad and Apple Pencil, things are even better.

8. Numbers bar on iPad

If we write from iPad, in addition to the “classic” keyboard that writes accented letters with a swipe upwards, it is also possible to write the numbers without changing keyboard but simply using a swipe down, on some keys with letters.

9. Notes and Apple Pencil

If you have an iPad, and you have to write something on the fly, simply tap on the iPad screen with Apple Pencil.

The Note app opens immediately, from which you can take notes on the fly.

10. Uninstall Apps

One of the most important innovations is that with iOS 11 we cannot only delete apps but also uninstall them.

This means that the app does not delete saved documents and data, but only the app itself. In other words, by uninstalling Word, we will no longer have Word but will keep all the documents saved on iPad. You can also recover them with your future installation.