On Page SEO guide to boost your website traffic

You have designed awesome responsive, user attractive website and still, your website is not as it is expected then its time to focus on your SEO.

On page SEO is the first step in search engine optimization (SEO), if you want to get more organic traffic on your website, on page optimization is must.

On page, SEO involves

Optimizing your page meta tags like title, descriptions etc (I will explain this in details one by one.)
Website speed ( website loading time etc.).
Website view on different screen sizes like Desktop, laptop, tab, and mobile phone it is also important because now the number of smartphones users is increasing, so many users use internet only through there smartphones.

Step by step guide

First, you need to fix title tag

The title tag of your web page should be well planned. It is crucial because google show title of the page in search results.

Choose a good title
Keyword research is important, there are various keyword research tools like google keyword Adwords planner and google trends.
Use incognito tab to check most searched keywords in google by typing some letters of the keyword you want to select by this you will get an idea about what people are searching related to your business or blog.
Title length should be about 60 characters because search engines allow only this title limit, So try to choose a precise title that represents the content of your blog or your product.

Plan a Description
When you search, search engine shows 150–170 characters details about the page below title.This can be changed from html meta description tag. So, keep description length within the limit.
Google match the keywords search by a user with characters in your title and description. Use expected keywords in your description one or two times.

Use alt tag in images
Alt tag helps Google to understand what the image is about.
Whenever a user does image search, search engine shows your image it helps in improve ranking and visibility.

Meta keyword tag
Do not use meta keyword tag because it is deprecated by most of the search engines especially Google. I have experienced this myself.

Index website
Most important thing, check your website is indexed or not by typing site:yoursite.com
If it is indexed you can see how Google views your pages and what are the titles and descriptions of different pages, you can analyze on page SEO and can make proper changes.
If it is not indexed then submit your website to search Engines mainly on google and bing/yahoo.

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