11+ Best Google Play Store alternatives for android

You have an Android smartphone but do you know that you can install and download many interesting apps and games not only from the official store (Google Play) but also from different alternative stores.

Some of them are totally legal and others are much less, in any case you can choose who to buy/download the App.

Today we are presenting the best alternatives to the google play store from where you can download the apps that are not present in the store of Google.

Many programmers choose these alternative sites hoping to stand out more in a smaller store, in addition to these sites you can find and download App with special offers that allow you to save money, for example the Amazon store gives a paid App per day.

Download Android App: 10 alternatives to the Google Play Store

Amazon AppStore

Probably the best alternative, every day you get a paid app for free, easy to use and combines the immediacy of Amazon.

Uptodown: forget about paid content

With 2.5 million malware-free applications, Uptodown is an interesting and safe alternative to the Play Store. The official number of Android app amounts to 30 thousand that you can download and install on your device in a few taps.

Before proceeding you will have to download the Uptodown app to stay informed about available updates (if you want, the final choice is to enable this option).

On Uptodown you will not find paid apps because this platform does not offer a payment system. This means that even payments in the app are not allowed.

Overall, the platform is well ordered and secure (in addition to the automatic verification system the editorial team manually verifies the quality of the services).


This store is also of extraordinary interest because it contains all the open source applications, free and 100% free.
The client manages downloads, installation and updates of the various applications that are all safe, controlled and regular.


Android Games Room

An app store focused on games for android, there are reviewed the best games for android very updated for real game fans.


GetJar is a less known store that exists even before Android was born, which provides collections of free apps for iPhone, Windows and Blackberry.

As on Amazon Store, also on Getjar you can find numerous offers of apps that are paid on the Google store


Mobogenie is one of the most supplied alternatives to the Google Play Store, with many applications that can be downloaded on PC or directly on the mobile phone.

It is a controlled store, with regular app many organized and indexed lists.


It allows you to download the app even if not compatible with your smartphone or tablet, without the need to use a Google account.

In this market store there are only free applications.


At the limit of legality on Aptoide you can find everything including games and programs, allows anyone to create their own store to make backup (public) of their apk, quality sometimes leaves something to be desired as well as the security of the app that they download.


Unlike the previous site this offers only freeware app normally already available from the Play Store. If your device does not support Play Store or is not functional, we can fall back to this well-supplied site.


International site very famous for its great index of moddati games, cracks, apps and themes for Android. Useful search engine to quickly find the apps we are interested in.


Distributes only free applications and is free for both users and developers.

Which one to rely on then?

Each of you will find, based on your needs, a more functional one store rather than another.

Personally, I find the project that keeps F-Droid up very interesting, but this focuses more on developers and on all users who have a certain open source culture.

Uptodown then offers an avalanche of applications, even if the paid ones are missing.

Do you know any other well-supplied application store? Which one do you prefer to rely on?

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