3 Best offline chatting apps to chat even without internet

I’m not going to get into the discussion of why you’re looking for offline chat – but they’re great alternatives when an internet network isn’t available. They allow you to send messages using other connections such as Bluetooth or an internal closed network. If that’s what you’re looking for, here are some options you can download.

It is worth noting that, as these are more restricted alternatives, some still under construction, not all features you know of messengers like WhatsApp will be available in these offline chat applications. It is worth testing the options you liked or were interested in to be adapted to them according to your needs.
3 Best offline chatting apps to chat even without internet

Briar ( Android )

Briar promises secure messages, anywhere, with end-to-end encrypted chats and forums. Messages are also securely stored on your device, not in the cloud, and you can connect directly to nearby contacts using Bluetooth or the internal Wi-Fi network. It is designed for activists, journalists and anyone in need, in a safe, easy and robust way.

What changes? Unlike traditional messaging applications, Briar is not dependent on a central server, messages exchanged in the app are synchronized directly between users’ devices. If the Internet is down, Briar can synchronize, keeping information flowing, even in a crisis situation.

And if the Internet is available, Briar can sync across the Tor network, protecting users. It is an open source application. Undoubtedly the safest on the list, with a team working to refer you.

Bridgefy ( iOS and Android )

Bridgefy is also an offline messaging app that lets you communicate when you don’t have internet access by simply turning on Bluetooth. It can be ideal for music festivals, stadiums, rural communities, natural disasters, overseas travel, demonstrations and other congested or offline networking situations.

The app offers connection in three modes: 1) person to person, chat privately with friends within 100 meters of you; 2) mesh mode, talk to people within 100 meters of you by connecting to other Bridgefy users as a bridge; 3) bradcast mode, broadcast section and send messages to all Bridgefy users around you at the same time, even those outside your contact list.

Ha, it works online too, use your internet connection to chat with friends anywhere in the world who also has an internet connection.

FireChat ( iOS and Android )

Also for both platforms, FireChat is a free peer-to-peer messaging application that works with or without Internet access and sends messages directly between mobile devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections (within the network table). Each device acts as a relay, creating a mesh network between close groups and application users with the promise of secure communication.

FireChat has been used in many situations by community leaders, emergency responders, and people to communicate when they are isolated from outside networks, including the famous pro-democracy protests in Taiwan and Hong Kong, natural disasters in Ecuador and Kashmir, and events like the Burning Man.

FireChat also works using your smartphone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to communicate directly with other devices up to “200 feet” that have also downloaded the app. Multihop technology connects all devices within range, creating a mesh network that works even when access fails.

Other options

Especially on Android, you will find a number of simpler Bluetooth chat apps. More limited and unfocused security also work.

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