Here are some of the best programs for converting Excel files into XML: each of these software is able to easily convert this format, either individually or in batches. Then, some of these programs are unique, because they allow you to convert, for example, only a few specific lines of your sheet into Excel.

As for the operation, they are all identical: you only have to upload the file, convert it, and then export it. If you want to get an XML file from an Excel file, then you just have to continue reading our article.

Doxillion Document Converter

We decided to inaugurate our list of the best programs to convert Excel files into XML with Doxillion Document Converter: a software that can be considered as the number one in this field. This is the reason: you will not find other programs able to support all the input and output formats present in Doxillion Document.

This means that the program can be useful for a thousand different operations, and not only for the conversion of Excel files in XML format.

Moreover, working in batch, the aforementioned software allows you to perform a mass conversion of multiple files. Its interface is very simple and easily accessible. Once you have opened it, you can upload one or more files, and then specify the output format. To do this, you need to use the Output Format pop-up menu and then select the XML entry.

Once this is done, you can easily start the conversion process by clicking on the Convert button: if you have selected upstream the directory for saving, you will find all the files converted in it.


The second of the best programs to convert Excel files into XML is File2Data: a very simple program to obtain this result, free of charge and also provided with many different output formats. This means that you can also use it to convert a file into SQL or CSV, just to give two examples. Unfortunately, however, File2Data has a limit that could be annoying, and that actually makes it less efficient than Doxillion Document: you can not convert files in batches, so you can do this only for one file at a time.

However, the ease of use of File2Data is worth a chance, partly because it is able to convert almost all Excel files into XML. After launching it, all you have to do is select the file from the PC: done this, you can also edit the cells since the software also has a section for editing.

Obviously, the changes made will also be saved in the new file in XML format. To proceed with the conversion, you only have to select the aforementioned format from the “Format” drop-down menu, and then click on the conversion button. If you wish, you can also change the name of the output file.


With EX-Converter we conclude our article on the best programs to convert Excel files into XML. This program deserves more than a simple mention: it is, in fact, a very nice software that has different uniqueness. Its use, however, is especially recommended for converting Excel files into XML TestLink. It should also be noted that the program has some very interesting options to manage the input file: for example, you can choose to convert only a certain number of lines, selecting them from a specific worksheet.

Despite all these advantages, EX-Converter has a rather complex and difficult to manage interface: that’s why you’ll have to do some practice. How to use EX-Converter? First you will have to click on the Browse button to upload the file. Once this is done, if you want, you can specify which worksheet and which specific rows to convert. Since the XML format is the only one available, you just have to click on the Convert button to start the process. Meanwhile, the screen will tell you all the conversion statistics.