5 Websites for Converting ODT Files to DOC or DOCX Online

In this guide we will present you the best 5 sites to convert ODT files to DOC or DOCX online. Considering the diffusion of this open source text format, surely it will happen to you or you have already happened to download a document of this type. Instead of downloading and installing suites like LibreOffice, you can easily open your browser and convert these formats into DOC or DOCX directly online: in this way, you can view it correctly or send it to your friends or work colleagues.

All these portals also allow you to upload a file directly via the URL.


ConvertStandard is definitely the first of the best sites to convert ODT files to DOC or DOCX online. This is because you just load your ODT file and then click on the conversion button: you do not even have to change the output format, since it is already pre-set in DOC. As soon as you have converted the file, the document will automatically be downloaded from your browser.

In practice it not only works perfectly, but is also very smart and fast, so ideal if you go particularly in a hurry. In fact, many of its competitors require more steps to complete and also an email to be included, to receive the converted files. Finally, you can also use it to convert other formats.


Another great site for converting ODT files into DOC or DOCX is Convert.Files. Even here you just upload your files from your computer or, if you wish, just enter the URL of the document, if already on the Internet. Then you will have to do is select the output format and then click on the button used for the conversion. You can even decide whether to start downloading the converted file automatically, or if you want to send it by email: it is not an obligation, even if this option could be useful in case you want to check the file with ease, from any location.


If you have already dealt with file conversions, it is very likely that you already know Convertio: perhaps one of the most famous platforms on the web. Well, know that it is also one of the best sites to convert ODT files to DOC or DOCX online. The reason is due to the fact that here you also find a series of extra features, absent in other sites: for example, you can also load the ODT file from cloud platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, or from online URL.

To start the conversion, simply upload the file and click on the appropriate button. Then you can choose to save the file on your PC or cloud (Dropbox and Google Drive). Naturally, there is an avalanche of conversion formats.

ODT to Word

Another good option to convert ODT files to DOC or DOCX is ODT to Word: in this case, unlike the others, it is a portal specifically structured for this type of conversion. In summary, you will not find any other formats either input or output. It’s a really easy site to use, and also very fast: basically you only find the main options, ie those to load the file and the link that you will have to use to download the newly converted document. Even in this circumstance, a perfect solution to avoid wasting time.


We conclude our guide on the best sites to convert ODT files to DOC or DOCX online with Zamzar: this is also a very popular web portal in the field of document conversion. We have reported it last because of some limitations, and above all because using it you will be obliged to indicate your email address. Although not anything challenging, it certainly represents a big waste of time.