2 Free Software to Create Barcode with Windows

In this article we will talk about 2 free software to create barcode with Windows: thanks to these free programs, you can easily generate different barcode blocks.

Moreover, it is good that you know that these two software support almost all the symbologies and therefore the types of barcode: using them, it is possible to generate a list of barcodes, in some cases even in batches.

Among other things, you can also set dimensions, fonts and colors to generate highly customized barcodes: finally, you can save the aforementioned in image formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP or PDF.

ByteScout Barcode Generator

Let’s begin our analysis of the best free software to create barcodes with Windows with ByteScout Barcode Generator: a very advanced solution that you can use for the creation of your barcodes.

Unfortunately, the full version of this program is not free, but you can still use all its features without spending a penny: provided you make a non-commercial use.

As regards the methods for generating barcodes, this program has several: you can create barcodes in series starting from a defined model and in incremental order, or you can use the function in batch to generate several barcodes in sequence.

Each mode, however, allows you to generate as many barcodes as you want: there are in fact some limitations in this sense, which is a great advantage for you.

EasierSoft Barcode Generator

We end our list of the two best free software to create barcode with Windows with EasierSoft Barcode Generator. In this case we talk about an equally professional software but also very simple to use: the creation of barcodes, in fact, turns out to be immediate and within anyone’s reach.

Although it is a paid program, its free counterpart still contains all the features and options needed to generate barcodes en bloc. Being a multi-use software, then, inside you can find several functions: what are these tools?

Here you can find the function to generate a single barcode, or to generate multiple barcodes in batches.

In addition, you will also find other very interesting options such as Excel Barcode Label Maker, Word Label, QR Code Generator and other tantalizing things.

With regard to the generation of multiple barcodes in batches, the aforementioned method provides for three simple steps: first of all, the insertion of data for barcodes, according to different possible modes.

In the free version, however, you only have one: the simplest. Here you can enter values such as title, text, footer and print quality.

During the second phase, however, you have the possibility to set the barcode format: that is, you can choose the symbology to use for your barcode. Here you can also rotate the barcode, align the text and lengthen the barcode.

The third and last stage is the layout of the print layout, which you can customize as you wish.

This means that you can for example adjust the labels, select the paper size, enter the printing margin and also the number of barcodes per page. Besides all this, you can also export the barcodes in an Excel spreadsheet or on Word, or save them in image format or in PDF format.