3 Software to create eBooks in ePub format in Windows

In this guide, we will show you 3 programs to create ebooks in ePub format on Windows. The above software allows you to add and edit all the metadata of your ebook, so you can customize it better: later, then, you can save what you did using the ePub format, or choosing other formats such as DOC, PDF and CBR, depending on your interests.

Moreover, it is good to underline that software like the ones you will see today allow you to create an ePub file from scratch. Finally, here you will also find some unique features like conversion tools and formatting.


Sigli is probably the best of the 3 programs to create ebooks in ePub format on Windows that we will see today. This is because we talk about software that allows you to create an ePub file from scratch, which is not necessarily what you will find in other applications of this type.

In addition, you can also add multiple pages, text, images, audio and video files and any other multimedia content you might want. You can even generate and view the summary to the right of the program’s interface, or take advantage of options such as adding a cover image and clearly editing metadata.

In addition to this, the list of useful options continues with formatting, text alignment, the use of titles, the creation of bulleted lists and much more. Finally, before saving it, you can also preview it.


Another option in terms of programs to create ebooks in ePub format on Windows is Caliber: a very useful alternative, as it is a real all-in-one package of functions that you can use to create, manage and customize your ebook. Among the many things that allows you to do, we find the inclusion of the cover, the customization of metadata as a title and author, and much more.

Among the options that we liked the most, there is the possibility to save in many image formats, such as PNG, BMP, JPG and ICO. In addition, Caliber allows you to download the book cover directly from Google or Amazon, or generate it randomly and automatically. There is also a metadata download function, and the option to insert tags, IDs, and publication date. Finally, know that you can even enter comments and of course manage how you believe formatting.

ePUBee Maker

At the end of our list of 3 programs to create ebooks in ePub format on Windows, we find ePUBee Maker: another excellent choice to create this file format. Specifically, this software allows you to add as usual the cover image, the metadata of your most common ePub (like the title or the author’s name), and even generate menus.

Once you have everything set up, you can finally save the file with ePub output format. Unfortunately, it is the case to underline one of its major flaw: this program is useful only when you have saved the ePub file in Microsoft Word format. This is because ePUBee Maker is actually an add-on to this program, which means you will have to open the document with Word in order to use it.

Then, however, you can safely save it as an ePub and publish it as such. Finally, as always, this software also allows you to change the formatting and other elements seen before.

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