5 websites to Convert KML to Online SHP

Today we’ll see top 5 sites to convert KML to online SHP. Specifically, a KML file is a format used by Google Earth, which contains a series of geographic data such as placeholders, paths, polygons and so on. The SHP (Shapefile) format, on the other hand, is a set of geo-spatial vector data compatible with GIS software: in practice, this format is used to describe the spatial characteristics of the vector, such as points, lines and polygons.

Let’s say that their purpose is to help you visualize the data in your KML file graphically.


Let’s start our review of the best sites to convert KML to online SHP with Zonums: one of the most useful free tools for this operation. Here you can find various options related to maps, and that will prove very useful to convert your document in Shapefile format for Google Earth.

In practice, this portal works like this: once you have uploaded the file, Zonums will begin to process all the XML data contained in the KML, exporting it to SHP. However, there is a limit of 7.8 MB for imported files, in contrast you can select the shapes you want to export, or customize the conversion. When you’re done, just click on Export.


GeoConverter is an online converter that allows you to perform this operation starting from different input files, and in different outputs: among these various options, it also has the conversion from KML to SHP. To use it, you will first have to upload your file from your computer or alternatively indicate a URL: if you do this, you can also specify different values such as distance, source and EPSG target, so as to insert them into your file in SHP.

There is another thing to add: compared to the previous site, with this service you can convert multiple files at the same time, and it seems that there are no limits in terms of the size of individual files.


If you are looking for sites to convert KML to SHP online that are simple and fast, then MyGeoData is the best choice you can do: here, in fact, do not risk getting confused between extra options and more, since this service proves very spartan and free of frills. In addition, you can also insert multiple KML files and convert them into a single SHP file.

How does it work? After loading the document, you can click Convert Now and then download the output file. In addition, on this platform you can convert files of up to 5 GB, and you can use it maximum 3 times in a month: once you have exceeded the quota, you will have to pay to use it.


Also GISConvert stands out for its ease of use: this converter supports only one file at a time and operates differently than the previous ones. In practice, the site converts the KML to Shapefile and then fragments the SHP file into three components: POLYLINE, POINT and POLYGON. Then it will be up to you to decide whether to put all these components in the final SHP file, or whether to insert only some of them.

It is also really easy to use, as well as very fast: you just need to load the KML file, select the output format in SHP, convert to fragmented Shapelife and then choose what to include in the final file.


The last of the sites to convert KML to online SHP is Ogre: a web client that converts from the intermediate GeoJSON format. We decided to include it for the record, because in reality it is not much: it is full of limitations and can do a few things. On the other hand it works perfectly.